Blue Miracle ending explained – A Feel Good Conclusion

Blue Miracle ending explained - A Feel Good Conclusion
Blue Miracle ending explained - A Feel Good Conclusion

There’s just something about feel-good movies that refreshes your mind and fills you with full of optimism. Such is a tale of Blue Miracle, Netflix’s one of the recent additions and director Julio Quintana’s creation is a story of overcoming the toughest strides. It just tells you how miracles can be performed if the group of people work together and believe in each other.

Starring Dennis Quaid, the movie takes the setting of an economically hit orphanage that needs saving. Now it’s in the hands of people running an orphanage and its people to save it.

So were they able to succeed in their goal and come out of financial adversity? Find out in this Blue Miracle ending explained as we break down final moments from the movie.

Blue Miracle ending explained - A Feel Good Conclusion
Blue Miracle ending explained

Blue Miracle Story – What’s In It?

Omar along with his wife runs an orphanage by the name of Casa Hogar. He has an undying love for children and takes in strays who have had a devastating past. The happy days of Orphanage suffer a major setback when they are hit with a hurricane and go into massive debt. To pay it off, Omar decides to participate in an event that offers about 250,000$.

Teaming With Wade

The competition is called Brisbee’s Black and Blue and Omar teams up with Wade to participate in the event. While having conflicted personalities, Wade understands Omar’s worries and teams up with him. The competition begins and just in the things don’t look for the team of Casa Hogar.

What Happened in the Event?

Before the competition, Wade had suggested Omar purchase Blue Marlin fish from the store and posing it as their catch. A conflicted Omar complied with the idea.

However, when the competition begins, he throws away the fish because he couldn’t bring himself to cheat. He didn’t want to set a bad example for Moco that’s why in the end he decides to win the competition through his efforts.

Did Omar Win?

In the struggle of catching fish, Omar has a flashback of his father whom he lost in the ocean. Remembering the tragedy reminded him about the kids he has now in his care. They are all alive and he can save them by bagging the biggest fish and winning the competition.

In an attempt to catch the fish in the last moments, Omar successfully manages to take out 384 lbs Marlin which becomes a conclusive factor in his team’s victory. Casa Hogar becomes the first Mexican establishment to win Brisbee’s Black and Blue competition.

Omar Catches 384 lbs Marlin to Win the Prize

What Became of Casa Hogar?

After getting prize money of $250,000 Omar paid off the debt from the bank as well as remodeled the entire orphanage. He further expanded it by including a girl’s program within the vicinity.

In the end, it was happy handing even for Wade who finally confronted his wife and child. Omar was able to save the kids and had a satisfying closure to this saga.

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