Blindspotting Spin-Off collection Starring Jasmine Cephas Jones Lands in Starz

Blindspotting Spin-Off Series Starring Jasmine Cephas Jones Lands at Starz

Starz gets the green light into some half-dozen dramedy spin-off of Daveed Diggs along with Rafael Casal’s critically acclaimed 2018 movie Blindspotting. Diggs and Casal, who wrote and starred in the movie, will function as showrunners about the newest show and Casal may play with a recurring character onscreen. 

The spin-off is based on Ashley (Jasmine Cephas Jones), a young mum who’s ripped out of her comparatively middle class lifestyle in Oakland whenever the father of her kid, Miles (Casal), is unexpectedly incarcerated, as she attempts to navigate her fresh regular after moving with Miles’s household. Cephas Jones will reprise her role because Ashely and serve as a producer in the collection.

“Let’s set you on sport, bruh. No explanation will encompass the intricacy of a Blindspotting show, ya dig?” Stated Diggs and Casal at a declaration. “So only get juiced, cuz it stars Jasmine Cephas Jones, it is put in Oakland, and we are making it, therefore it is lightweight finna to be hella nice and that the soundtrack will really slap. OH BOY!”

Blindspotting garnered critical accolades because of its sharp interrogation of identity, freedom, and gentrification via the lens of an interracial friendship that is examined when one slips into unlawful actions as the other urgently attempts to prevent breaking his parole. The movie was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance at 2018. 

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