Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Welcome Their Fourth Child: Fourth Times a Charm!

Blake Lively Seemingly Gives Birth, Welcomes Baby No. 4 With Ryan Reynolds

You’re sure you adore them! Prior to Super Bowl LVII, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds reportedly gave birth to their fourth child together.

The Shallows actor, 35, posted numerous images on Instagram on Sunday, February 12. “Puppy Bowl Sunday 2023 has been busy.” In the first photo, she was seen without a baby bulge while posing with her 46-year-old husband and Tammy Reynolds, who is his mother.

Blake Lively Seemingly Gives Birth, Welcomes Baby No. 4 With Ryan Reynolds

Earlier on Sunday, Lively’s Betty Buzz brand unveiled a new ad during the Puppy Bowl.

At the 10th annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit in September 2022, the Gossip Girl actress, 35, and the Deadpool actor, 46, announced they were expecting their fourth child.

A source revealed exclusively to Us Weekly a few days after the Simple Favor star made her announcement that Lively was delighted to finally be able to share the news of her pregnancy.

Blake is glad the information is now public. She suppressed it till she could no longer,” the source said. She enjoys accessorizing her growing baby and wants to make a statement. She really glows.

The Los Angeles native and Reynolds have grown “more bonded and supportive of one other than ever,” the insider added at the time.

The insider told that “when they started together, they always expected to have a lot of kids.” They believed they were making up for the years they each had to delay starting a family.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Met During Green Lantern Movie

Despite being in relationships at the time, the stars met while working on the Green Lantern movie in 2010.

After Lively was spotted leaving The Proposal star’s residence in October 2011, rumors that the two may have struck up a romance started to circulate. When they were photographed holding hands while celebrating the holidays with Reynolds’ family in Vancouver in December, the paparazzi appeared to confirm their connection.

The pair were married in September 2012 following less than a year of dating in a small ceremony.

The 6 Underground stars provided details on the couple’s early relationship in July 2021.

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Couple Went out On a Double Date

We really went out on a double date around a year and a half after becoming pals and comrades. But we were dating other individuals,” Reynolds admitted during a podcast interview for “SmartLess.” We socialized and remained in touch informally, and then the next thing we knew, she was moving to Boston. I agreed to ride with you while I traveled to Boston. I was pleading with her to spend the night with me.

For her part, Lively was really ready to have a family with Reynolds.

The Sandman filmmaker told Marie Claire in 2014, “I’ve got to get going. “I’d spit up a whole litter of kids if I could.”

James, the couple’s first child, was born to Lively in 2015. Inez, their second daughter, was born less than a year later, and Betty, their third daughter, was born in September 2016.


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The pair has been outspoken about how much they love being parents and will do anything to keep their kids safe ever since birth of their children.

In June 2016, Lively told Marie Claire that her family was her “everything in one basket.” “My heart is there, you know. That is where my entire world is. When I feel abused, I feel most vulnerable around that. At the same time, I feel most protected around it.

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They Want Their Kids to Live Ordinary Lives

The creator of Betty Buzz and the Vancouver native has always wanted their kids to lead as ordinary of life as they can.

The L’Oréal Paris representative told Marie Claire, “I’d rather not have to deal with it at all, but we understood the lifestyle we were going into, and while it’s hard… it’s another thing when it’s our child. Ryan had a great, typical upbringing, and we want our children to live similarly ordinary lives to us. We would feel terribly ungrateful if we ever stole from them what we had.

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