BLACKPINK Shows The Real Meaning Behind Their Group Title

Just how you like this? 

About Oct. 20, all-girl K-pop category BLACKPINK–composed of Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo–almost ceased by Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed how they develop for their name.

“BLACKPINK iswe sort of felt like there is two colours that represented us that the ’cause we are very girly but in precisely the identical time we are very barbarous also,” Rosé clarified for the team. “We’ve got a tune called’Pretty Savage’ and it sort of goes together with’black pink’ so we believed it explained us the very best.” 

The foursome talked in their Netflix documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky, that extends behind the scenes of the way the band (and all of K-pop bands ) are made in specialty colleges in which they perform rigorous singing, dance and performance coaching. 

“It is sort of similar to a Hogwarts, a Harry Potter, or even a X-Men kind of scenario,” server Jimmy Kimmel pointed out. The trainees in these specialty colleges do not need to learn conventional curriculum studies like mathematics or history, that Rosé was fairly happy about originally. 

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