Black Widow Ending Explained – Did Romanoff Free Antonia?

Black Widow Ending Explained - Did Romanoff Free Antonia?
Black Widow Ending Explained - Did Romanoff Free Antonia?

Directed by Cate Shortland, Black Widow is the 24th movie in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe featuring the character of the same name in the lead role. It stars Scarlett Johansson in the main role where she assumes the character of Black Widow. The movie also kicks off the 4th phase of MCU and begins the story of Avengers after the defeat of Thanos.

Black Widow takes a peek into the past of Natasha Romanoff, one of the original members of Avengers. While Natasha herself is dead in the current universe, there are some secrets of her part which are relevant to the current timeline. In the movie, Natasha’s goal is to free all the Widows who are mind-controlled and free them off. However, some gruesome challenges wait for her ahead which only makes things difficult for her.

In the end, Natasha manages to pull off the inevitable and rescues all the Widows. If you weren’t able to catch up with the ending of the movie, we are here for you. Let’s take a look at Black Widow Ending Explained.

Black Widow Ending Explained – Did Romanoff Free Antonia?

Natasha Romanoff’s Past

Natasha was the surrogate daughter of secret agents Alexei Shotsakov and the Black Widow of past Melina Vostokoff. She also had a sister posed as Yelena Belova. They work for Dreykov who has tasked them to retrieve intel from S.H.I.E.L.D. After the completion of the mission, Belova and Romanoff get back to the red room and resume their training.

Encounter with Taskmaster

A daunting incident from the past still haunts Romanoff. She was involved in the bombing of Dreykov’s Budapest office which ended up killing both him and his daughter Antonia. In the present day, after escaping from Thaddeus Ross, and with the help of Rick Mason, she retreats. On the other hand, Belova is seen fighting off a mind-controlled Black Widow and effectively restoring her brain.

Belova wants Romanoff to return and help her normalize other Widows. She sends her the antidote and when Romanoff takes off with it, she gets attacked by Taskmaster. Romanoff manages to shake off Taskmaster and learns that she was after the antidote.

The Reunion

Romanoff and Belova reunite and the latter informs her about Dreykov who is still mind-controlling the widows. Their first task is to locate him and for that, they need to find Shostakov. Shostakov is in prison and they break him out. He tells them to meet Vostokoff and when they do meet her, she ends up giving their location to Dreykov.

Before getting captured, Romanoff was able to swap faces with Vostokoff which allowed her to separate from the main group. Vostokoff can free Belova while Romanoff goes to confront Dreykov. There he reveals that Taskmaster is Antonia and because of her mentally unstable state, he had to turn her into a super-soldier.

Black Widow Ending Explained – Did Romanoff Free Antonia?

Black Widow Ending Explained – Did Romanoff Free Antonia?

A fight breaks off between Romanoff and Dreykov but the latter decides to flee since his plan to beat his opponent fails. He lines up the Widows in his control to confront Romanoff. Meanwhile, Belova restrains Antonia in a cell and develops an antidote bomb to free other Widows from mind control.

The facility is about to explode but Romanoff manages to retrieve locations of all Widows in the world as well as two vials of antidote. She also takes Taskmaster along with her and provides her one antidote. Romanoff returns the antidote to Belova along with Antonia. They separate as Natasha meets with Mason after two weeks.

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