Black Teen Forgives Cop Who Dragged Him, Does Not Want Him Fired

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The 17-Year Old who got dragged Throughout the Sidewalk by an arresting officer — Even Though being Clubbed and compliant — he Uttered the cop to doing him wrong, but he Would Love an apology.

D’Angelo Chapman informs TMZ… although Officer Jordan Moore‘s activities are inexcusable, he is not one for holding grudges. He knows exactly what the cop has his loved ones and his character at Mansfield, Ohio justifiably upset… however he believes Moore’s paid suspension because of its pulling episode is handsome, even though others disagree.

The adolescent tells us he does not need the officer to become fired because he would be with no paycheck for his loved ones, and states provided Moore learns from his error, and requires the coaching needed prior to returning to his job… he is okay with this.

D’Angelo says he would be down to talk with Moore also… provided that the officer is ready to create a real apology.

Although his response to the episode is commendable, D’Angelo was feeling unwanted effects out of it. He says he has lost confidence in authorities and has stress today when he sees cars… something that he never sensed before.

He informs us that the attention he has been getting is somewhat overpowering, but he can enjoy the service.

As we mentioned… Moore’s suspended with pay before January 11. Even the Mansfield police chief explained,”Moore’s answer was shown to be improper that led to the misapplication of force applied to a individual which has been handcuffed, in custody and providing no immunity.”

Cops were allegedly referred to the scene originally because Dwaine Chapman, D’Angelo’s dad, was threatening to get his pet attack his or her roommate. Dwaine is facing charges of threatening, disorderly behavior and resisting arrest.

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