Black Man Humiliated From Texas Police Sues For $1 Million

Black Man Humiliated By Texas Police Sues For $1 Million

A Black man who was led down the road while attached into a rope by 2 Galveston, Tex.police officers on horseback is currently suing the town for about $ 1 million, stating that he had been humiliated by the experience.

Attorneys for Donald Neely, 44, filed suit from Galveston County District Court, stating Neely was injured and suffered psychological distress. The attorneys also assert malicious prosecution and neglect by the officers once Neely was detained in August 2019 for trespassing, according to the Houston Chronicle. 

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Neely was displaced and suffering from paranoid schizophrenia at the moment. He had allegedly been immune for his family’s efforts to fetch him home. He had been detained by both mounted officers that cut a rope into his handcuffs and directed him public throughout the roads, which had been criticized because of harkening into slavery-era mistreatment of enslaved Blacks.

Body camera footage revealed the officers knew that the optics of exactly what they have been doing. 

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“That is gonna seem really awful,” Officer Patrick Brosch mentioned when his spouse, Amanda Smith attached the rope into the cuffs.

In the moment, Galveston police officers said that there were not any squad cars accessible to transfer Neely. The town later apologized for this episode. On the other hand, both officers didn’t face disciplinary actions for what occurred.

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Afterwards, when Neely finally moved in with a relative, he also discovered that the pictures of his expertise were viewed by millions and he was ashamed.

“It came straight back and hurt me since I didn’t know I had been getting video listed by the general public,” Neely told the Chronicle.

The City of Galveston hasn’t commented on the suit.

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