Black Island Ending Explained – Did Jonas Leave the Island?

Black Island Ending Explained - Did Jonas Leave the Island?
Black Island Ending Explained - Did Jonas Leave the Island?

Black Island (2021) is a German mystery thriller movie directed by Miguel Alexandre on Netflix. It stars Philip Froissant in a lead role while Alice Dwyer, Hans Zischler, and Mercedes Muller act in the supporting cast.

The movie portrays a mystery of a woman who infiltrates an isolated Island North of the country and brings calamity to Jonas’ family. With revenge as the driving motive in the story, it delivers a packing mystery that leaves viewers with a twisting reveal.

The last moments of the movie saw the unfolding of building up the plot and final resolution to Jonas’ family. Let’s see Black Island ending explained and break down its final shots.

Black Island Ending Explained Did Jonas Leave the Island?

Black Island Plot

Black Island shows the devastating tragedies that occur within the Hansen family. First, the grandmother of Jonas Hansen dies at the hands of a wild dog. 4 months later his both parents die in an accident (allegedly caused by a mysterious woman). He’s left all alone to live along with his pretty rude grandfather Friedrich.

A year passes after the incident and Jonas continues the school. In the meantime, he starts developing a relationship with his classmate Nina. But their relationship faces a halt when a new German teacher Helena arrives as a substitute to Meinke who fell sick.

Jonas falls for the new teacher and things start to develop between them. However, Nina finds something eerie about her and the truth shocks her. But it’s too late for her to warn Jonas about Helen’s true identity.

What Was Helena’s Real Identity?

Helena was the woman that caused the accident of Jonas’ parents. This was an indication that she had some animosity against the Hansens. Furthermore, she had all pictures of Jonas on her walls which only made the assumption more accurate.

Upon investigation, Nina found that Helena resembled one of the teachers who used to teach in the same school. Before she could make any more connection, Helena caught up to her and killed her. However, we did find her identity when she visited Friedrich in the hospital.

Helena is Friedrich’s illegitimate daughter. During his youth, Friedrich had an affair with Maria Roth and had a child which is Helena. Friedrich refused to recognize both Maria and Helena and the mother committed suicide thinking Friedrich will accept Helena, however, he never did.

Helena’s True Goal

It was pretty self-explanatory with the deaths that what Helena was after. Although Nina wasn’t on her list, she had no other choice but to kill her because of what she had found. She wanted to destroy everything that Friedrich loved so that he felt guilt for Maria.

The last person on Helena’s list was Jonas. Yes, she was her step-aunt and he had feelings for her. In any case, she tried to execute the final script of her revenge but things didn’t go as planned.

Black Island Ending Explained – Did Jonas Leave the Island?

Black Island Ending Explained – Did Jonas Leave the Island?

Friedrich was in a state of helplessness and couldn’t reveal her true intentions to Jonas. She wanted Friedrich to watch as she pulled away from the last tug of his family. She drugged Jonas and then went on to reveal her past.

In the last struggle and bit of a fight, Jonas managed to escape and killed Helena. Hence he got spared from the scheme of Helena, though, he did lose Nina. In the end, he left Black Island for good and sold off his old house.

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