Black Ink Crew’s Dutchess Lattimore Talks Being Suicidal After Preventing Display: Reality TV Is supposed to Diminish Mental Health

Black Ink Crew's Dutchess Lattimore Talks Being Suicidal After Leaving Show: Reality TV Is Meant To Diminish Mental Health

Black Ink Crew’s Dutchess Lattimore Talks Being Suicidal After Implementing Display: Reality TV Is supposed to Diminish Mental Health

Fact celebrity and tattoo artist Dutchess Lattimore (born Crystana Lattimore) spent many years of her entire life in the front of the camera for a tattoo artist and also fiancée-turned-ex into Ceasar Emanuel around VH1’s Black Mirror Crew.

Dutchess is just one of many individuals who’ve opened up regarding the challenges they have faced with reality tv as well as the adverse mental health impact which it possibly has.

During a recent conversation, she voiced,

“Reality TV is intended to reduce mental health not just for the folks on the display but also for the folks who watch the series ”

The girl who spent five seasons to the popular series lasted,

“You truly need to get a certain degree of disdain not just for yourself but to Black folks generally, to need to see something you continue seeing Black men and women, and they not visit a location of succeeding. Every f–king incident is struggle f–k.”

Dutchess stated she remained on the series for five seasons due to contractual duties but noticed the series was moving at another, and also negative direction following the 1st year, as stated by the celebrity.

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“After I began seeing that they had been playing that, that is when I was like,’Yeah, I still really don’t understand. This sh-t ai not because of me. ”’

She chose to discuss her experience because she came with fairly powerful allegations.  She explained,

“I will tell you exactly what drove me mad over that. What drove me mad more than this has been that the group of white manufacturers which has been literally instigating negativity and ignorance attempting to make you feel as if you truly are –kin’ mad.

“They’re a bunch of black people that produced a connection with Viacom to further the propaganda of that which I believe racism is in this nation.”

However, it was later Dutchess abandoned the fact demonstrate that the actual issue came.  As stated by the fact celebrity,

“After I left the series, I went during treatment.  It had been necessary. I attempted to kill myself seven days. I went through a lot of bullsh-t. I dropped my grandmother while I had been on the display. I felt f–ked up since I literally had not gone house in [almost] annually. All these muthaf–kas was telling me how I could not visit my grandma funeral’cause I needed to picture, y’all. If they did this, that is if I was like, y’all ai not of God. I can not do so sh-t. The devil is in this and that I can not do it”

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