Black Clover Chapter 295 Release Date, Time, Where to Read

Black Clover Chapter 295 Release Date, Time, Where to Read
Black Clover Chapter 295 Release Date, Time, Where to Read

With the defeat of Dante, Asta, Luck, and Nacht reunite with Magna and others. They are extremely proud of Magna for accomplishing such a tremendous feat. Meanwhile, in the underworld, Morris finds out about the demise of Dante. Charlotte is fighting off Magicula but a surprising appearance of Lolopechika holds her back. Black Clover chapter 295 will continue this fight and likely provide us with its conclusion.

Black Clover is a widely popular manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. The premise of the story is set in the world of magic. In this world, Asta is one orphaned boy who aspires to become the strongest magic-user in the kingdom. The series follows the adventures of Asta as he overcomes the adversities and achieves his goals.

Black Clover Chapter 295 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 295 Release Date

The official Black Clover chapter 295 release date is 6th June 2021. Weekly Shonen Jump magazine of Japan will publish the upcoming chapter. Find below the timing of release for the next addition of Black Clover.

  • Japan – 01:00 AM, June 7th
  • India – 9:30 PM, June 6th
  • USA/Canada – 10:00 AM, June 6th
  • UK – 4:00 PM, June 6th
  • CES (Europe) – 5:00 PM, June 6th

Where to read Black Clover 295?

Viewers can read the Black Clover chapter 295 on Shonen Jump’s app Viz Media. Apart from that, there is also another official source of Mangaplus that users can access.

What are Black Clover Chapter 295 Spoilers?

No news regarding Black Clover chapter 295 spoilers has come out yet. You can expect the spoilers to surface on the internet on Friday or Saturday. Meanwhile, let’s discuss some of the things that may occur in the next release.

Next Target

The group of Asta, Luck, Magna, and Nacht will probably rest for now. They’ve defeated their respective opponents but still, much more things are to be done. Morris is planning something in the underworld and out heroes will likely confront him in the next chapter.

Noelle vs Magicula

Noelle vs Magicula

When Charlotte was about to get killed, Noelle intercepted in the last moments and saved her. She will likely fight alongside Charlotte. The much-awaited showdown between the two will probably take place in the next Black Clover chapter. We expect that Noelle will emerge victoriously.

Quick Recap of Black Clover Chapter 294

The last chapter saw the aftermath of Magna and Dante’s fight while also moving to about between Charlotte and Magicula. Here is a quick recap of Black Clover chapter 294.



Asta and Nacht arrive and find out Magna has beaten Dante. Asta is surprised that the person who managed to give both Yami and him hard time was defeated by Magna. Even Nacht is in a state of shock because Dante was on the level of the supreme devil. They depart to face the next opponents. When they are about to leave, the devil consumes all of Dante’s organs, finishing him.

Charlotte vs Magicula

The battle between Magicula and Charlotte continues fiercely. The former brings out Lolopechika to use her as a pawn. She starts fighting Lolopechika now with the aid from Rill. Charlotte tries to get close to her so that she can talk.

However, Magicula keeps on distancing and finally stabs Charlotte. Just when she’s about to deliver the final blow, Noella arrives to save the day.

Can Charlotte save Lolopechika? Who will Asta and others target next? Comment down what you think down below. For more Black Clover manga updates, don’t forget to follow us on social media

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