From Curves to Confidence: Blac Chyna Reveals Her Breast and Butt Reduction Journey

Blac Chyna Details Breast and Butt Reduction Process

After removing the implants in her breast and butt, Blac Chyna shared her experience with her fans, saying it would “take me to the next level.”

Blac Chyna is accepting who she truly is.

The reality personality announced on Monday that she had her breast and butt implants removed through Instagram.

Chyna shared a sincere video with her 16.5 million followers from the doctor’s office while wearing a paper gown, saying, “I’m changing my life and my ways, as you all are aware. Taking some of these ass photos is one of the things I believe will help me get to the next level.”

The injections and the well-known Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery are “completely different,” she told the crowd.


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She explained: “A BBL is when they utilize your own fat, ass shots are silicone. So I just want all the girls out there to know, do not get silicone shots because you may get ill, you can die, you can have issues, and all these other crazy things,” before admonishing her fans.

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Chyna, 34, claimed she had the injections for the first time when she was 19 and has not since seen any unfavorable side effects.

She pointed upward and added, “But now I’m traveling here in life. I need to get this out of my system so I can advance.

She uploaded a second video showing herself having blood taken. The mother of two was on her way to “have my buttocks lowered and also my breasts” in a third video shot the morning of March 9.

It’s been a while since I last updated this page. “I’ve already done it. I’ve really had my breasts altered five times, hopefully for the last time.”

She revealed to the audience that she had also removed the gorgeous nails that were seen in the previous two videos. “I’m letting them enjoy the fresh air. I want to get rid of the long, pointed nails.”

The Rob & Chyna alumna stated that she is “moving into a different manner” and wants to formally “hand the baton” to “other young females coming up.”

Blac Chyna Details Breast and Butt Reduction Process

Chyna is seen “in recovery mode” in bed after having surgery in the final video she was in, which was recorded on Sunday.

She said, “I must tell, I’m very, very, very delighted,” as she displayed her bandages. “You can tell that I had my breasts smaller. One of the wisest choices I’ve made in a long time.”

She went on, “I also experienced a decrease in my butt. Ladies, ordinarily my treatment would have taken no more than four hours. You guys, my operation took nearly eight and a half hours. Whatever that silicone mass was, whatever it was in my buttocks, it inhibited the machine from working properly.”

Blac Chyna Details Breast and Butt Reduction Process

She resumed her adventure on Monday on her Instagram Story, telling followers how relieved she was to still be wearing her natural nails and hinting that she would be doing the same with those.

“Shoutout to all the women who wear them, she said on top of a picture of her hands, “I feel so free without the long stiletto nails. They are no longer useful to me.”

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By using her true name, Angela White, she signed the story.

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