Bizarre One Piece Theories – Craziest Fan Theories

Bizarre One Piece Theories
Bizarre One Piece Theories

One Piece is the highest-selling manga series of all time. Because of its themes and foreshadowing, One Piece has been subjected to tons of bizarre theories. Over the years, fans have come up with mind-boggling exposition for the plot and in many cases, it has even turned out to be true.

Right now, there are more than 1000 chapters of One Piece already published and several theories by fans are just piling up. Today we will be looking at some of the craziest One Piece theories found on the internet.

Bizzare One Piece Theories

Bizarre One Piece Theories – Blackbeard Is Not D

One of the users on the internet suggested that Blackbeard had fabricated his name to be of the D clan. This primarily stems from the notion of Whitebeard where he said that Blackbeard is not the one Roger is waiting for.

It’s interesting to note that Blackbeard has archeological tendencies. Meaning that he may have been aware of D and its history. As he was an orphan, he would have no problem in acquiring the initial of D and deceive the world and achieve something that we aren’t even aware of.

Crazy One Piece Theories – Shanks is Rock’s Son

This is one of the popular theories going around the internet. Rocks who vanished on God Valley are said to have left his son Shanks after his death. The popular belief suggests that this son was later taken in by Roger on his ship.

Shanks is a mysterious person and we still don’t know much about him. He has ties with the world government which is still a bizarre fact considering he’s a Yonko. Fans have also pointed out that Teech might be Rocks’ son but Shanks also possesses the same possibility. Hopefully, we will learn the truth about him soon.

Bizzare One Piece Theory – Scooper Gaban is Silver Axe

Bizarre One Piece Theories – Scooper Gaban is Silver Axe

Sengoku mentioned that Silver Axe was one of the pirates from Rocks pirates. He was one of the most renowned names at the time. It is a belief among the fans that he might’ve switched sides in the war against Roger and Garp at God Valley.

Considering that Gaban also uses an Axe, he can be Silver Axe. To avoid the government’s scrutiny, he might’ve changed his name. This is one of the most bizarre One Piece theories and We will likely meet him in the story moving forward and find more about his past.

Vegapunk is Revolutionary Commander

We’ve already seen a Revolutionary Commander infiltrate into enemy ranks (Kuma obtaining the position of Warlord). So world-famous Dr. Vegapunk might be a part of the Revolutionary Army.

Kuma gave up his body to him so there has to be some reason. Maybe, he’s making those Pacifistas so that Dragon and his commanders can fight against World Government. Who knows, but he’s certainly an interesting character and we can’t wait for enough to find more about him.

Bizzare One Piece Theory – Pandaman Is Relevant

Pandaman Is Relevant

Pandaman appears in random panels of manga from time to time. While there hasn’t been much discernment on his character, fans believe that he will become relevant later in the story. From the outset, he looks like a random character that Oda likes injecting into various situations, however, there could be something more.

Oda is known for foreshadowing and who knows this could be another foreshadowing of his. Maybe Pandaman is an extremely important character and only later we will find the truth about it. It is certainly one of the bizarre One Piece theories and if he’s just treated as a gag character, it would still be fine. But if it turns out that he’s highly relevant, it is going to cause a huge storm in the One Piece community.

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