Bitlife Hacks: Check out The Activities and More Latest Updates

BitLife: Life Simulator is a straightforward and lighthearted game that centers on the small thing we all know as “life” (if you’re not familiar with life, read up on it; I assure you, it’s truly revolutionary). It’s one of the most downloaded games on mobile, with millions upon millions of downloads.

Because of its simplicity, gamers can pick it up and start playing right away. Even if you’re not a die-hard gamer, BitLife will nonetheless make you feel good. Beginning as a baby, you develop every year and, as you move through life, decide the fate of the character you choose.

In other words, you make choices that affect your life. You respond to questions that appear on the screen. Your responses may have an impact on who you end up being. It really is that easy. You can develop certain personality traits by playing games.

Bit Life Hacks, Guide, Tips, and Tricks:

The player begins a virtual life as a random lady or male character in BitLife – Life Simulator. In the game BitLife -you will experience many events that will be used to create your life chronology. To live a happy life, you must take care of several things, like your relationship with family members, your nephews, your happiness, your health, your intelligence, your appearance, and more. Your field of employment depends on the university major you declare. Actor and CEO are a few of the highest-paying positions (Businessman). You are on the appropriate page if you have just begun playing the game. The fundamentals of the game are covered in this BitLife – Life Simulator. Additionally, we offered a tonne of BitLife cheats, tips, and tricks that you might find interesting. So let’s get to the meat of the matter without further ado.

You play as a female or boy character who begins life at random. Additionally, you can begin a custom existence and alter your gender, nation, and city. After that, the character receives arbitrary stats upon birth. At the bottom of the screen are statistics for happiness, health, intelligence, and appearance. This data is really important. If you want to succeed in life, you must begin with a character who has high numbers (90+). Fame is another stat that you could acquire when you achieve fame.

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Employ the Job Shuffle Hack.

Jobs are randomly listed in BitLife, so you might not find the one you’re seeking for. In that scenario, you must shuffle the jobs. There are two ways to do this: hit the age button to enter the following year, or restart the program. Shut down, then restart the app. Every time you restart the app, you will find new jobs in the Jobs section.

Comment below if you are aware of any further BitLife hacks.

Browse the Activities

Random occurrences can make you feel pleased or sad or affect other stats like intelligence, happiness, and health. All of these stats are maintained by your activities. To retain your happiness, intelligence, good looks, and health, you can engage in an infinite number of activities each year.

  • (Find a date for a girl/boy)
  • Mind & Body (Meditate – Improves Happiness/Health, Go to the Library – Increases Intelligence)
  • Crime (To unlock the “escape from prison” accomplishment, commit a crime, then tap “escape from prison”).
  • Adoption (Adopt a child)
  • Visiting a doctor for treatment if you have a disease
  • Emigrate(Migrate)
  • Vacation (Improves happiness)
  • Casino(Gamble)
  • Bet on horse races (Gamble)
  • Lottery(Luck)
  • Club/Hang Out (Pleasure/Joy)
  • Cosmetic Surgery (Looks)

Use these activities to keep your riches, stats, and relationships strong. For instance, plastic surgery can boost your look numbers. Traveling will make you happier

Browse The BitLife Ribbons

  • In BitLife, there are 30 Ribbons available for collection. All you have to do is concentrate on just one thing:
  • Unlucky Ribbon: If you pass away young, which happens frequently due to depression or an unexpected event, you may receive this ribbon.
  • Mediocre: Lead a straightforward, routine life
  • Successful people don’t steal, make a lot of money, or have kids, and a family.
  • Wasteful – Give up by selecting the “Activities” tab.
  • Do postgraduate work in the academic fields of law, business, dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, or high school, college, or university.
  • Famous – Refer to this page
  • Rich: Having a high net worth when you pass away.
  • Hero: Someone who dies as a soldier or saves someone else’s life.
  • Loaded: Make a tonne of money
  • Criminals who engage in scandalous behavior are imprisoned
  • able to conceive and have many children
  • Jailbird requires you to commit a crime before you may hit the prison button to start prison riots (avoid crimes like murder; instead, commit theft, robbery, etc.).
  • Become lazy by doing nothing, listening to no one, and living a life of indolence.
  • Wicked: When speaking to others, you must be rude to them and disagree with their viewpoints.

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Study hard

Make sure you choose the “study harder” option each year as you progress through your academic career. By doing this, you improve your chances of receiving a scholarship and avoiding a sizable student loan. Also, you’ll land a better job.

Get an Offer

Make sure you don’t purchase a property that will force you to take on a mortgage you can’t afford. Buy cheaply and then sell the asset for a profit. Unless, of course, you contract a disease that is invisible…


Real-life lottery winning is incredibly unlikely. But BitLife’s chances of winning the lottery are better. So, trying isn’t harmful.

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