Is Bishop Briggs Gay? Unveiling the Truth About Her Sexual Orientation!

bishop briggs gay

Bishop Briggs is a British singer-songwriter recognized for her passionate performances and powerful vocals. In 1992, she was born Sarah Grace McLaughlin and took the stage name Bishop Briggs after visiting her parents’ homeland in Scotland. Her breakthrough tune “River” received international attention in 2016, and she has since released a series of successful tracks that showcase her distinct blend of pop, rock, and soul influences.

Is Bishop Briggs Gay?

bishop briggs gay

Bishop Briggs is not gay. Many incorrect stories and assumptions about her sexuality spread because she shaved her head. Briggs debuted a shaved head in 2018 to raise funds for a buddy who was afflicted with breast cancer.

She also talked about how her new look helps her feel more connected to her songs and express herself more honestly. She shaved her head to show others that there is no “right” way to look or conduct; rather, beauty comes from inside.

It has nothing to do with her sexual orientation, however. She is, in reality, married to a male musician. There are no previous records of her dating any woman. As a result, there is no indication that she is gay.

While she has not publicly identified as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she has been a passionate supporter.

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Is Bishop Briggs Married?

bishop briggs gay

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In 2022, Bishop Briggs married her boyfriend, Landon Jacobs. It’s unclear how Landon Jacobs and Bishop Briggs met, but given that they’re both musicians who have performed at a variety of festivals and events, it’s likely they met through the music industry.

Landon Jacobs is best known as the principal vocalist and guitarist for the indie rock band Sir Sly, which he started in 2012.

Jacobs has also collaborated with bands and producers such as ZHU and Oliver. Landon Cube has released solo material in addition to his collaborations with Sir Sly.

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