Bis Full Form: Bureau of Indian Standards

bis full form

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the country of India’s national standard organization, is known by its full name. The Bureau of Indian Standard Act, 2016, which it replaced, went into effect on October 12th, 2017. The Bureau of Indian Standards is in charge of ensuring the smooth progression of the activities related to product quality certification, marking, and standardization. The Bureau of Indian Standards also handles issues that are related to or incidental to this.

The Bis

bis full form

By providing safe, reliable, and high-quality items through its primary activities of standardization and conformity assessment, the Bureau of Indian Standards has benefited the national economy.

The Bureau of Indian Standard also reduces consumer health risks, safeguards the environment, and encourages the export and import of alternatives, among other things.

BIS also has control over the spread of truths. The BIS standards and certification program supports a variety of public policies, including those in the building and construction, food, environment, and consumer protection industries, among others.

Through its certification and standardization operations, the Bureau of Indian Standards has worked to meet many national priorities as well as other government initiatives like the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India, Digital India, and ease of doing business.

The Bureau of Indian Standards addresses topics including progress, technological change, energy and environmental conservation, climate change, health conditions, safety, trade facilitation, etc. on a regular basis. The Bureau of Indian Standards also seeks to streamline, improve, and accelerate all business processes.

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Framework for Bis

This is the bureau of Indian standard’s organizational structure. BIS is designated as the National Standard Organization by the Bureau of Indian Standard Act.

Numerous conformity assessment plans and international standards are permitted by the act. Consumer protection measures are offered by the Bureau of Indian Standards, including the recall of products that don’t meet standards and are identified as such, harsh penalties, consumer restitution, etc.

The Bureau of Indian Standards gives the Indian government the ability to include products under mandatory certification based on safety, environment, health, national security, and the prevention of dishonest activities.

The Bureau of Indian Standards is not the only institution that can be authorized by the government to enforce standards compliance and issue certifications. Precious metal products may be hallmarked by the government under BIS certification requirements.

Objectives of Bis

bis full form

These are the main goals that the Bureau of Indian Standards seeks to achieve: The Bureau of Indian Standards is concerned with the orderly growth of standardization activities as well as the marking and quality certification of various commodities.

The Bureau of Indian Standards seeks to advance standardization and quality control for both current and future growth, as well as for the healthy development of the industry. On the other side, BIS also seeks to satisfy customer needs.

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Activities of Bis

The Bureau of Indian Standardization has formerly engaged in these operations.

  • International Endeavours
  • Testing Services
  • Standards Development
  • Product Attestation
  • Hallmarking
  • Marketing and Public relations

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