Bio for Instagram: Instagram Bio Idea Examples to Write the Perfect Bio

bio for instagram

You must write or edit the Instagram bio for your business. Are you unsure about what to utilize or which features to include? You’ll discover how to construct an Instagram bio for your company in this article using nine key components. You may also find top-notch samples of Instagram biographies for companies in various industries.

Why a Business-Friendly Instagram Bio Benefits Your Marketing

bio for instagram

Your company’s Instagram bio can provide potential and current consumers with the information they require and point them in the direction of the next steps with the correct features and copy combinations. A compelling Instagram company bio can:

  • Indicate to customers where they can purchase your goods.
  • Inform potential customers how to contact your staff.
  • Clarify physical places and addresses.
  • Encourage customers to perform certain actions, such as placing a restaurant order or visiting your store.

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Provide Social Proof that Bolsters Credibility and Trust.

It’s simple to disregard your Instagram bio as only a place to briefly describe your company in little more than 150 characters. It’s actually much more than that. Look at the key components that each business bio should have.

Choose a Username for Instagram.

Frequently, it makes sense to use your company name as your Instagram account. If you choose this course, followers will have no trouble finding your account and firm online. Choose a username that your consumers would seek since usernames are important ranking indications for search.

But what if your proposed business name is already in use or exceeds the allotted 30 characters? Think about shortening it or adding extra details, such as the kind of business you are or your location or region.

For instance, the account @lavish raleigh contains both the name of the company and its location. The design company may easily set itself apart from the competition and stand out in search by including the city.

Remember that only letters, numbers, and punctuation marks like underscores and periods are permitted in your username. You can alter your username but do so sparingly to avoid confusing your followers.

On Instagram, Enter the Business Name.

bio for instagram


Instagram has significantly fewer limits on display names than it does on usernames, which must be distinctive. This is a fantastic place to include your complete business name, often known as your business name, or to specify your business kind if it doesn’t neatly fit into one of Instagram’s category selections.

As an illustration, the display name of @adventuresbyjessie includes both her complete name and professional title. The travel agency has space in this field to include information that prospective customers could find useful.

You have greater creative freedom with display names since they can handle a considerably wider range of special characters. Emojis can be used to express the work your company does by being added to the name of your company.

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Choose a Category on Instagram.

You can let customers know what your company does by including a category in your Instagram bio. Choosing a category for your business is simple if it neatly fits into one, like a restaurant or grocery store.

There are more than 1,000 categories on Instagram, so more than one may apply to your company. Consider it from your customers’ point of view and select the label that they are most likely to choose. Anytime you want, you may go back and change your category.

Upload a Profile Picture to Instagram.


Your Instagram profile photo should make it easy for users to recognize your brand. Frequently, your logo or a picture of your site works best. A headshot is typically a better option if you’re a creator, service provider, or blogger.

Whatever you decide, make sure your profile photo is at least 320 × 320 pixels in size to guarantee that it displays clearly. Make sure Instagram’s circular frame doesn’t remove any important features from your picture by double-checking.

Add Contact Options for Business

bio for instagram

Possibilities clients have to get in touch with your company are made simple by Instagram profiles. For customers to select the most convenient contact method, you can add various contact options to your profile.

You can provide a phone number, email address, or business address, for instance. You may also connect your WhatsApp business number or enable audio calling on Instagram.

Create Call-To-Action (cta) Buttons for Instagram

Welcome calls and emails may not be the most effective ways to assist consumers for particular business kinds. For eateries, coffee shops, and service providers, Instagram thankfully provides Order Food, Book Now, and Reserve CTA buttons.

There is a list of authorized third-party systems that each CTA option works with. Restaurants, for instance, can connect their Resy profiles to Instagram, whilst service providers can do the same with their Schedulicity accounts.

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Add a Copy of Your Instagram Bio

You have up to 150 characters in your Instagram bio copy to describe your company. Almost any character is fair game in this. Emojis, letters, numbers, and punctuation are all acceptable. How therefore can you maximize this constrained area?

It’s beneficial to start at the beginning. You may, for instance, give a description of the services or goods your company offers. You might also include accolades or shout-outs you’ve gotten in your list of social proof.

The @higharcmedia Instagram bio, for instance, shows the production company’s outputs, which include anything from commercials to photography. Additionally, the bio provides a budget to serve as a point of entry for potential consumers and mentions the production company’s awards as social evidence.

In order to make it simple for customers to read your material and any user-generated content (UGC) you’ve gathered, if your company utilizes a branded hashtag, you can mention it in your bio. Emojis and line breaks might make your biography easier to read if you have a lot to say about your company.

As an illustration, the Instagram bio for @thetravelingcounselor_ includes a number of significant details about the travel agency’s specialty, services, and contact information. Emojis with a travel theme is used in the bio to break up the text and make it easier to read.

bio for instagram

Despite the fact that you could link to your home page, it’s frequently a better idea to link to a mobile-friendly landing page made specifically for Instagram users. By doing this, you can direct viewers to the pertinent sources you’ve cited in your posts, reels, or tales.

You have a variety of third-party apps to pick from if you don’t want to create an Instagram landing page yourself. While SproutLink mirrors your Instagram grid and includes hyperlinks, Linktree lets you customize text-based linkages.

For instance, the @publicstorage bio link opens a landing page on Linkin. bio with a top-level resource list. Customers can access outside resources relevant to each post through the landing page, which resembles the account’s Instagram grid below.

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