Binomo: Is It Both Legal and Safe? Take a Look Before You Invest


The accessibility features and investor-friendly trading accounts of the online trading platform Binomo have made it popular with traders. The platform offers more than 50 assets for trade-in as well. The goal of Binomo is to offer both novice and seasoned traders expert advice and help. The trading platform is unique in that it enables users to win incentives by holding various competitions.

Find out if Binomo is the correct choice for you. And can you put your trust in it with your money? This Binomo review will cover practically every aspect of the trading platform as well as the features that are available to consumers.

Describe Binomo.

An online trading application called Binomo offers binary trading alternatives along with its top-notch features. Dolphin Corp. owns Binomo, which was founded in 2014. With an average of 30,000,000 successful deals every week, the trading platform presently has 887,470 daily active traders from 133 different countries, including India. Binomo offers 70 different assets, including indices, equities, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and currency pairs, that you can trade on the platform, in contrast to other trading apps.

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Binomo: Is It a Scam?

No, Binomo is not a scam; instead, thousands of traders from 133 different nations utilize it daily as a real online trading platform. The trading platform is designated as member “A” by the International Financial Commission, which oversees it. Binomo reiterates its steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards of trading and business operations as an IFC member.

The IFC has granted official recognition to the Binomo trading platform and guarantees that any risks incurred by its clients are protected by the law, up to a maximum of $20,000 in protection for legal disputes.

The trading platform received Verify My Trade certificate of trade quality in recognition of its superior customer service and effective trading performance. The trading app won the FE award in 2015, and then was recognized for excellence in international markets and finance in 2016. Additional evidence of the platform’s reliability and legitimacy is provided by all of these precautions and accomplishments.

Where Do I Begin Trading on Binomo?


You must register on the platform before you can begin trading on Binomo. Binomo registration is quite simple. Your basic information, such as your name, phone number, address, email address, and method of payment, must be provided. Following the entry of those facts, the platform verifies the data and registers you as a trader.

Practice Trading

To help traders learn the mechanics and strategies of trading, Binomo provides the feature of real-world trading. You may practice trading and discover new methods with a demo account that replicates the real trading interface without risking any money. It receives $1000 in fictitious funds to start placing bids in the practice trading account. The goal is to make it easier for traders to learn without risking real money.

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In-The-Moment Trading

That costs a lot to take part in live trading sessions, unlike other trading platforms. The minimum deposit required by Binomo is $10, and you can place orders starting at just $1.

You can choose an asset to trade, such as EUR/USD, and begin following market trends. Then, you can take a position and begin determining whether the market will rise or fall. Investing can result in profits of up to 87 percent, depending on your opinion.

Profits from Withdrawals

Withdrawing money is a quick and simple process. The system will take a 10% fee from your earnings upon withdrawal if you haven’t made the minimum number of trades needed by the platform. Additionally, in order to deposit or withdraw money, the information provided against your account must be accurate and comprehensive. Within three working days of submitting the withdrawal request, you can get your money. Visa, MasterCard, Jeton, and Neteller are all supported by Binomo.

Is Trading in Binomo Secure?

A recognized and authorized trading platform, Binomo is renowned for its dependability and openness. In India, Binomo is entirely legitimate and lawful. The traders’ profiles, earnings, and sensitive information, such as their banking information and cash, are entirely secured and protected thanks to the SSL protocol. Binomo recognizes the importance of the financial and personal information of its traders and takes all necessary precautions to ensure its protection.

Binomo doesn’t even allow its traders to deposit or withdraw their gains without authenticating their personal information and financial details in order to protect the platform and its users from any potential theft and fraud.

(sign up For Binomo and Begin Trading Right Away)

The site offers more than 20 different graphical tools that enable users to track transaction histories and charts to assess market patterns for the assets they have selected. The hotkeys function, which has never been offered by any other trading program or platform, enables instant access to online trading. The Binomo economic calendar also helps with integration with different charts. All of these elements are provided to assist traders with current trends so they avoid suffering losses.

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Types of Binomo Accounts

Binomo offers three other types of accounts in addition to the free one, each of which has a different deposit requirement and a unique set of advantages.

No Cost Account:

The free account mimics the features of the paid account on Binomo. Before joining in and investing real money on a live commercial exchange, novice traders can practice and learn how to trade using this great trading instrument. Using this kind of account, traders can evaluate the special features of the platform without having to spend any money.


  • Following your specified form of payment, earnings or monies are released within 3 working days.
  • Invites you to take part in competitions with the possibility of winning prizes.
  • The maximum profit of 84 percent
  • 80 percent maximum bonus

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