Billy Blanks Jr Net Worth: How Much Has This Person Made in 2022?

billy blanks jr net worth

Billy Blanks, Jr. is a fitness expert from the United States. Billy Blanks, a martial artist and the originator of Tae Bo, is his father. He is best known for his debut on Shark Tank, where he was able to secure funding for his fitness media, resulting in the Dance It Out fitness class program and franchise all over the world.

Blanks was born to Billy and Gayle Blanks in his early years. He was born and raised in the Boston area. He was cast in a play of The Little Rascals when he was nine years old. He told ACT: Dance Model Sing magazine that he was informed he was too young to be in a 42nd Street performance, but that he could assist the crew, but that when the director observed him replicating tap dancing, he was cast in the play. When Blanks Sr. acquired a job as a bodyguard for actress Catherine Bach, he and his family relocated to Los Angeles.

At Blanks SrTae .’s Bo studio, Blanks and his sister assisted in teaching courses. Paula Abdul realized he had an interest in dancing after taking Tae Bo courses there, and she assisted him in honing his talents as a dancer and choreographer. He graduated from Hollywood High School after attending Reseda High School. In 1999, at the age of 18, he got a role as Tyrone in the Fame musical’s European and American tours. He continued to work with Abdul and appeared in a number of commercials, videos, and stage shows with him.

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Billy Blanks, Jr.’s Net Worth and Salary Are as Follows:

billy blanks jr net worth

Billy Blanks, Jr. is a $5 million dollar American fitness coach, personal trainer, dancer, and author. Billy is most famous for being the son of Billy Blanks, the famed fitness icon and Tae Bo inventor. Blanks Jr., on the other hand, has become a superstar in his own right, following in his father’s footsteps and developing a number of fitness-related goods. When you consider that he supposedly had no financial aid from his father, his net worth is even more astounding.

Billy has been recognized for his accomplishments as a dancer in addition to his fitness training. Over the years, he has been in a variety of music videos, including those by Madonna, Paula Abdul, Babyface, and a number of other musicians. “The Practice,” “Sister, Sister,” and “American Dreams” were among the television shows in which he appeared. He’s also a talented vocalist and stage performer who has performed on the national tour of “Fame.”


Despite his father’s reputation and money, Blanks Jr.’s path to success was not simple. In fact, he battled the looming threat of homelessness at one point. Billy and his wife used to teach fitness classes together in Sherman Oaks while living in a modest motel in the early years. They were barely able to keep up with their expenses. Billy further states that during a particularly terrible period in 2011, he was unable to pay for Christmas presents, energy bills, and heating charges.

Billy had already built a name for himself as a professional dancer before to this struggle. He danced in a variety of music videos with a lot of well-known artists. He began choreographing school plays and local dance companies as well. He also landed a role in the well-received musical “Fame” on a national tour. In addition, he played the character of a bellboy in two episodes of “Sister, Sister.”

In 2007, he and his wife released “Cardioke,” their first exercise DVD. After debuting the dance-focused exercise program on “Ellen Degeneres,” Billy was offered a DVD contract. Unfortunately, the DVD was never a big hit. Blanks Jr. claims that the production business rejected his DVD because they were concerned that his training regimen would compete with other DVDs they had already produced. “Fat Burning Hip Hop Mix,” another early DVD effort, similarly failed to make an impression. “Dance Party Boot Camp” was another DVD release.


billy blanks jr net worth

Sharon Blanks, Billy Blanks Jr.’s wife, is his life partner. Sharon is an important part of Billy’s success and journey, and the two frequently teach fitness sessions together. They are the parents of two children.

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Age and Wife of Billy Blanks Jr

Blank’s precise birthdate is difficult to determine because multiple outlets list different months, days, and years. However, we’ve narrowed it down to March of 1974, which would put him at 47 years old in February of 2022.

Blanks married actress Sharon Brown, albeit the actual year of their marriage is unknown. In Sherman Oaks, California, the couple taught at fitness facilities and produced a few fitness films. They did, however, eventually divorce in 2016. Elijah, the couple’s adoptive son, is their current co-parent.

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