Bill Cosby Net Worth: How Rich Is This Person in 2022!

bill cosby net worth

This article contains information about Bill Cosby’s net worth, biography, age, wife, height, weight, and other important facts. Bill Cosby’s net worth is estimated to be in the $400 million range. Money is devoid of both religion and morality. That is why both good and terrible people have money. So now we’re going to speak about one of these nasty guys who has around $400 million in his bank account. A few years ago, Bill Cosby was convicted guilty of sexual harassment. However, you might be astonished to learn that in the 1980s and 1990s, he was regarded as the backbone of family entertainment in America.

Many people also feel that their parents forced them to watch The Cosby Show as children in order for them to learn something from it. I hope Bill Cosby hasn’t taught anyone anything in real life. Check out the net worths of Justin Bieber, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and Daniel Craig as well.

Early on In Your Career

bill cosby net worth

Bill worked on a number of different television projects before launching The Cosby Show. He was a frequent guest host on The Tonight Show, as well as the host and star of an annual NBC special. He starred in The Bill Cosby Show for two seasons, beginning in 1969. Bill played a Los Angeles high school P.E. teacher in this early edition of The Cosby Show. The show was a rating triumph, but critical acclaim was limited. Cosby was in conflict with NBC over the show’s refusal to use a laugh track. His argument was that viewers may find humor on their own without being prodded. From 1972 until 1979, Cosby created, hosted, and produced Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, an animated Saturday morning cartoon. It was inspired by Bill’s own childhood experiences. The event was a resounding success.

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Biography of Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was born in Philadelphia on July 12, 1937. He came from an impoverished family. His father served in the United States Navy, and his mother used to clean other people’s homes. From an early age, Bill Cosby assumed responsibility for the seniors in the family. After graduating from high school, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the American Navy. But he quickly realized his error and quit the US Navy to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. His stand-up comedy album was such a hit that he became well-known in the mainstream media.

How Much Money Does Bill Cosby Have?

bill cosby net worth

Bill Cosby is a comedian, television performer, and producer from the United States. Bill Cosby’s net worth is $400 million as of this writing. “The Cosby Show,” which he created and starred in, is his most well-known work.

He was the highest-paid television actor in the world at the time of the show’s peak. His base compensation for the show was $1 million every episode, but he earned $4 million per episode after factoring in his producing, creator, syndication, and other income streams. That works out to about $8 million each episode nowadays. He owned 20% of the show’s equity, which resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in syndication royalties over the years, however, those earnings have essentially dried up in recent years as a result of his controversies.

In addition to royalties from other programs and speaking engagement payments, Cosby invested in a highly significant real estate portfolio and art collection. The Cosby art collection and real estate portfolio could be valued at more than $250 million at any given time, depending on their individual market valuations.

His fortune’s destiny is unknown at this time. Cosby is said to have spent millions of dollars on legal defenses and could be responsible for millions more in damages in the future.

Stand-Up Comedy by Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, who was born on July 12, 1937, began his stand-up comedy career in the early 1960s. That career lasted five decades and earned him a total of nine Grammy Awards. Between November 2013 and November 2014, Forbes calculated that Cosby earned at least $7 million with his “Far From Finished” tour.

Ironically, Cosby’s quick public collapse was aided by a stand-up comedy routine. Hannibal Buress presented a routine accusing Bill Cosby of sexually abusing women at a comedy club in Philadelphia in 2014. A video of the performance went viral, reigniting a maelstrom of victim accusations. Buress, who recently participated in the “Baywatch” movie reboot and is known for his role on the TV program “Broad City,” told GQ magazine that he was not a “hero” for helping Cosby’s victims find a voice, but rather a “nice guy.”

However, it’s possible that Bill Cosby’s net worth hasn’t been replenished since his days as a stand-up comedian. In November 2016, Cosby’s lawyer submitted a court filing indicating that after he is exonerated of all charges, he intends to restart his career.

Shows by Bill Cosby

bill cosby net worth

Cosby’s successful stand-up career paved the way for his first appearance on television. Cosby appeared in “I Spy” for three seasons, winning a Golden Globe for the best TV show in 1967. He played gym teacher Chet Kincaid in “The Bill Cosby Show,” which he appeared in 1969. From 1972 through 1985, Cosby voiced the character Fat Albert and hosted the animated show “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.”

On “The Cosby Show,” from 1984 through 1992, Cosby portrayed the role for which he is best known: Dr. Heathcliff “Cliff” Huxtable. He earned two Golden Globes for Best Actor for his work on the series, which was a tremendous hit.

Cosby’s total earnings from “The Cosby Show” are unknown, but its astronomical success suggests they were substantial. According to the Los Angeles Times, NBC paid more than $2.6 million per episode to extend “The Cosby Show” for the seventh season in 1990. According to Forbes, Cosby earned $4 million per month from syndicated reruns of the show in the same year. Season eight of “The Cosby Show” cost NBC $2 million per episode in 1991.

TV Land aired reruns until November 2014, while BET’s Centric network aired reruns until July 2015. According to Forbes, Cosby continued to make millions from his eponymous sitcom until it was dropped from television schedules.

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Personal Experiences


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Since 1964, Cosby has been married to Camille, with whom he has five children. Ennis, their 27-year-old son, was killed in an attempted robbery while repairing a flat tire on the side of the interstate in January 1997. Ensa, their daughter, died of renal illness in February 2018 while awaiting a kidney transplant. Cosby’s lawyers revealed in 2016 that he is now legally blind.

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