Bill and Jen Klein of The Little Couple Are Proud Parents. See William and Zoey for The First Time

Bill and Jen Klein of The Little Couple are proud parents. See William and Zoey for the First Time

How quickly the years pass! It was an honor to be invited into the house of The Little Couple star Jen Arnold and her husband, Bill Klein while filming the show and to meet their adoring children, William and Zoey.

Their proud mother’s recent Instagram posts reveal just how much the children have changed since their 2013 adoption and reality TV debut.

An important February celebration left the neonatologist gushing about the wonderful memories she and her family had built. As she captioned her most recent Instagram photos of Will and Bill, “Happy Chinese New Year to all!” Eight years ago we were gifted with the most incredible golden son.

Bill and Jen Klein of The Little Couple are proud parents. See William and Zoey for the First Time

‘I can’t believe it!'” Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year, is celebrated on January 1st in China. Zoey was introduced to the TLC stars just a few weeks after William was born, so it appears that they were meant to be together.

After they encountered fertility troubles, Bill Klein remarked in an October 2018 episode, “When Jennifer and I initially got involved, my selfish view was that I wanted a kid that was genetically my,” Bill said.

Afterward, we talked about how many kids were out there without a home, who needed a family and were forced into a life of institutionalization, and how we might help.” In my opinion, there is no way I could have done a better job using a surrogate, the traditional method, or any other method.”

Will was adopted by the couple from a Chinese orphanage. Zoey’s orphanage in India informed them soon after that she was ready to find a new home.

This is how the businessman described his feelings when he first saw Will’s picture: “I fell in love instantaneously.” He went on to say that the same thing happened when he saw the first glimpse of his daughter. “The first time I saw Zoey’s picture, I was smitten,” he said.

Bill and Jen Klein of The Little Couple are proud parents. See William and Zoey for the First Time

The couple relocated from Houston, Texas, to St. Petersburg, Florida, around that time and moved into a new home. In the early months of 2022, they moved to Boston, where they remain today.

“Thankfully, our kids are extremely easygoing and very cheerful,” Jen Klein said on the show, “and they simply seem to be thrilled about everything that’s new.” “So, I’m pleased that they’re happy with the house.”

For the first time in May 2022, Jen gave an interview to In Touch about her and Bill’s plans to adopt more children in the future. “We have discussed it.” We still bring it up now and then.

However, considering everything that’s going on in our lives right now, I doubt it’s been at the top of the priority list,” she said. Because of the pandemic, moving, and new employment, “It hasn’t even come up because I think we’re both just trying to hold on right now for dear life.” ” The Klein family’s future is looking bright!

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