‘Big Brother’ Alum Marcellas Reynolds Claims CBS Diversity Pledge Way Late

'Big Brother' Alum Marcellas Reynolds Says CBS Diversity Pledge Way Late
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Among the Most Well-known houseguests at”Big Brother” history States CBS committing to Projecting more people of Colour on Fact shows is coming too late, However adds… it does Not Need to be too Small.

Marcellas Reynolds has been the very first Black gay man on’BB’ way back into its third year at 2002, and he also informs us he is shocked it required the community this much time to deal with what he predicts inherent biases on so lots of its hit shows… such as”Survivor” and”Amazing Race.”

Reynolds claims CBS is on the ideal track today, but a guarantee to possess unscripted show casts which are 50 percent Black, Native and People of Colour (BIPOC) is not great enough.

The fact show alum states more attention has to be set on making sure that there’s appropriate representation supporting the camera. He states until this occurs, these biases will stay… and accurate diversity will not be attained from the tales being told.

The great news — CBS did touch with this topic as a portion of its diversity vow , vowing to likewise devote at 25 percentage of its unscripted funding to jobs made by minorities… and also specify a goal of 40 percentage BIPOC representation in authors’ rooms.

Marcellas actually emphasizes the positive effect this could have on audiences — especially young audiences from various walks of life who must view themselves represented.

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