Big Brother 21 Week 6 Spoiler Kathryn Dunn Becomes The Target

big brother 21 week

Big Brother is back with its 21st season, and with it, the usual planning and politics with dirty politics are back as well. In the house of Big Brother, viewers see a massive amount of campaigning. On the other hand, two distinctive whales of the 21st season are making their way into elimination.

So far, Jessica Milagros was the one who nominated Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie. Now, both Michie and Matthews are up to get into eviction. Milagros did play a very safe game to protect herself, after nomination Matthews and Michie, she used her veto power to defend herself.

What does Milagros have in their mind?

Given that Jessica Milagros is safe for now, nevertheless, a Veto meeting is on its way. The recent episode did showcase that the veto meeting is yet to take place. But the viewers and the critics are suggesting that Jessica will maintain her stance. So, this indicates that either Matthews or Michie will go home.

In the meantime, Analyse Talavera, Tommy Bracco, and Christie Murphy are trying their best to keep Matthews in the game. On the other hand, Kathryn Dunn, Cliff Hogg, Jessica and Nicole Alexander want to keep Michie safe. Meanwhile, Nick Maccarone is a wild card, and he is the only person who can decide who stays and who goes.

Kathryn is the target in the house

In the war to save Matthews or Michie, Kathryn who is in grave danger. A recent Tweet from Big Brother daily suggests that Kathryn is in the crosshair. In Big Brother Season 21, a Six Shooters alliance is taking place, and this indicates that Kathryn is instigating the house members to evict due to a tumultuous relationship with him.

On the other hand, Kathryn in planning to keep Michie in the game and vote Jack out. Analyse, and Christie caught the wind of Kathryn’s an inside plan, and they are planning to put Kathryn in the elimination round if they become the Captain of the Big Brother house.

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