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Bezos will bring Video Ads to Amazon App amid his affair and divorce

Amazon is going to build the Digital Infrastructure for the Gaming Industry

Video Ads on Amazon App

Every day Amazon users are going to go through a drastic change in the Amazon e-commerce app. According to the sources, the shoppers are going to video ads in the mobile app. Both Android and iOS users are going to be benefitted or affected by the ads.

According to the sources, the multinational tech company which is based out of Washington was beta testing the ads. By the looks of it, Amazon was beta testing the new addition to the app on the iOS mobile platform. And of now, it feels like the beta testing has come to an end. Nevertheless, the company itself, Amazon has not come forward with any confirmation.

Nevertheless, the people who are entirely aware of the ongoing development said that Amazon would bring the ads to iOS. The e-commerce giant is going to implement the ads later in the year. According to Bloomberg’s recent report, the forthcoming video spots will pop up every time the user searches for the queries.

On the other hand, e-commerce is going to host a chain of videos such as DIY, videos of popular products as well as buying guides.

Bezos’ claim to the racy selfies

The racy and below the belt selfies that put Jeff Bezos’ married life in jeopardy was not a political stunt. And The Enquirer also said that none of the political forces made this happen. But as The National Enquirer threatened Jeff Bezos, and this looks like extortion to Amazon’s CEO. But nothing worked out for Bezos in the past couple of months.


Breaking NEWS  Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos divorce, now 69$ Billion is net worth of Amazon CEO

Lauren Sanchez with whom Jeff Bezos had an illicit love affair has cut ties with her brother. On the other hand, the love affair is going to end the era of the power couple, Bezos and MacKenzie. Even during the devastating time, Bezos makes sure that his brainchild, Amazon and its subsidiaries prevail at all cost. People said that the company might reach its fateful end, but now it feels that divorce is not going to affect the company.

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