Beyonce Shares #EndSars Message Following Nigerian Singer Tiwa Savage Publicly Asks For The Assist Beyonce’s Publicist Slam Criticism:”Not All Of Activists Live Social Media”

Beyonce Shares #EndSars Message After Nigerian Singer Tiwa Savage Publicly Asks For Her Help + Beyonce's Publicist Slam Criticism: "Not All Activists Live On Social Media"

Beyonce Shares #EndSars Message Following Nigerian Singer Tiwa Savage Publicly Asks For Her Assist Virgin Tina Knowles And Beyonce’s Publicist Slam Criticism:”Not All Activists Live Social Media”

Beyonce is among the most recent actors to place a message in service of #Endsars at Nigeria, following popular Afrobeats artist Tiwa Savage called on her to get assistance in a live movie on the internet.

Nigerians are now battling for their own lives and singer Tiwa Savage, is requesting the aid of people that have big platforms to bring awareness of the #EndSARS protests happening at this time in Nigeria.

The Particular Anti-Robbery Squad, called SARS, was shaped in 1984 to stop the Rise of prosecution and crime.   No matter how the device was accused of criminal arrests, and video proof has just surfaced revealing SARS members engaging in criminal arrests and detention, kidnapping, theft, murder, rape, and much more. Members of the community have taken to the streets to protest and demand an end to police brutality in Nigeria.

Beyonce chose on her Instagram on (Oct. 21) directing her lovers to Beyonce.com to get a listing of Strategies to assist, and areas to contribute.   In her article she states,

“I’m heartbroken to find that the senseless brutality happening in Nigeria. There needs to be a end on SARS.

We were working on partnerships with youth organizations to encourage people protesting to get change. We’re cooperating with coalitions to give emergency health care, food a refuge.

For our fellow brothers and sisters, we all stand together with you”

Beyonce’s message come days later Tiwa Savage openly asked her to get help to increase awareness.

Tiwa Savage educated viewers that like celebrities and people all around the world assembled together to talk out regarding the #BlackLivesMatter motion in the USA, the exact same unity and service is required in Nigeria. She explained:

“At the time, it is larger than merely what we could do ourselves at Nigeria. We are in need of support”

She also continued her remarks and spoke about the pride that she had operating with Beyonce for her”Black Is King” job. She then immediately requested Beyonce along with her staff to give their voice into the #EndSARS motion, pleading together and telling them they just”can’t be silent with thisparticular:”

“I had been involved, lately, at a job I was so proud of, such as as a artist I had been so proud to be known and to be one of the few folks which were engaged in this undertaking. It is called’Black is King: The Present’ album. So I will state this. Please don’t quote me out of context but I wish to use my system immediately to phone Beyoncé and the entire group which reached out to plenty of Nigerians. Nigerian musicians, Nigerian manufacturers, fellow video supervisors, dancers, creatives.

I am calling Beyoncé and her staff exactly the exact same manner they used their own stage –also [I’m] so thankful for this –the exact same way they used their own platform to increase and also to show the world that king is king and just how amazing Afrobeat and Africa our civilization is. I need them to use their own voice and their stage right since the exact same state that arrival this genre is really on fire at this time. It’s on fire. Where these creatives have been out of is on fire”

This is the movie:

Ahead of Beyonce’s article, her publicist Yvette Noel-Schure  issued an announcement saying that

“actions speak louder than articles.”

Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles took for her Instagram thanking Beyonce for exploring and encouraging associations about the cause privately.   In her article she states Beyonce is”not only speaking, but performing!!!”

“Thank you for gently exploring, identifying vetting, and encouraging organizations on the floor which may help encourage the protesters. Thanks to continuing the job to truly have a strategy to create a difference not only speaking, but performing!!!!”

If you’re interested in approaches to contribute or get involved, check out the links:Feminist Coalition or Connected Development.

More about the protests happening in Nigeria under:

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