Beware WhatsApp users: These practices can land you in jail

Beware WhatsApp users: These practices can land you in jail

WhatsApp is the world’s largest cross-platform instant messaging app with over 1.5 billion monthly active users, who share billions of messages, images and videos. WhatsApp boasts its chats are end-to-end protected with 256-bit encryption, which means no middle-man can access your chats. However, a few practices can attract cops’ attention and result in your arrest.

Despite the end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp collects metadata on its users, which means nuisance messages can be traced back to you. Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, can share such metadata when law enforcement agencies demand and police can get details like your name, IP address, mobile number, location, mobile network and the type of handset you use.

If that’s alarming, you haven’t heard the whole deal. The police can also get the information on who you are chatting with, for how long and at what time. Even your contacts are accessible by the cops, GadgetsNow reported.

Avoid these things on WhatsApp

WhatsApp groups are where most of the action happens, but it is also the primary source for spreading fake news. The admins of the WhatsApp group face an imminent threat from nuisance messages and they involve cops and jail-time.

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Here are the things every WhatsApp user must avoid at any cost or risk being arrested by the police.

Do not share porn clips, especially child porn, images or obscene materials on WhatsApp

Do not share morphed photos or manipulated videos involving important people

Do not entertain provocative videos, obscene or pornographic content in WhatsApp groups or admins can be arrested

Do not promote illegal trade or prostitution on WhatsApp

Do not send lewd messages, obscene content or sexually harass women on WhatsApp

Do not impersonate someone using their name on WhatsApp

Do not send hate messages related to any religion or place of worship that can hurt religious sentiments

Do not spread fake news on sensitive topics to incite violence on WhatsApp

Do not sell illegal drugs or items on WhatsApp

Do not send hidden camera sex clips or videos of people filmed illegally on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a secure platform but there are certain rules to use the app, which has zero-tolerance. While regular chats are protected by 256-bit encryption on WhatsApp, practising the abovementioned things can land you in jail.

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