Better Discord Themes: How Do I Get Better Discord Themes to Download?

better discord themes

Unquestionably one of the most widely used apps for communication, whether it be for gaming or professional meetings, is Discord. Therefore, where do you discover some of the Mod’s better Discord themes?

The program supports a variety of call types, including voice and video conversations, screen sharing, media sharing, and many more. The original Discord app does not support numerous themes, only switching between dark and light themes.

However, if you have Better Discord, a customized version of the program, things will be much simpler for you when it comes to choosing backdrop themes.

In Better Discord, you can have a variety of lovely and intriguing themes. In this article, we’ll show you the top Discord themes. You will also discover how to download and set up these themes.

Better Discord Themes: How Do I Install Them?

better discord themes

You should be informed that this version of the app has been accused of breaking the app’s rules and regulations as well as its terms and conditions before we show you how to install the Better Discord modded version of the app because doing so could result in the banning of your original account.

  • However, as long as you are not engaging in any unlawful activity, you are free to use Better Discord.
  • You may set up the Better Discord app on your Windows or Mac computer by performing the procedures listed below.
  • Visit the Better Discord official page to get started.
  • There will be a sizable “Download” button on the screen.
  • The software you just downloaded needs to be executed before installation can take place.
  • After agreeing to the “License Agreement,” click “Next.”
  • Choose “Install BetterDiscord” as the first choice on the following screen, and then click “Next.”
  • After selecting your Discord version, click “Install.”
  • Give yourself time to finish the installation.
  • Voila! Better Discord has been successfully installed on your computer.
  • You must restart the original Discord app in order for the Better Discord installation to become visible.

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How Do I Get Better Discord Themes to Download?

  • Better Discord may be downloaded and installed quickly, as was already said. The Better Discord themes can be downloaded similarly easily.
  • Follow the instructions precisely to obtain the Better Discord themes.
  • Open the Better Discord app to access the Better Discord Themes Library page.
  • The library has a variety of diverse themes. Select anything you desire.
  • Simply click the “Obtain” button to download the theme file.

How Can Themes Be Installed on Discord?

  • After learning how to download Better Discord themes, let’s move on to installing themes on Discord.
  • Although the process of installing themes on Better Discord is not as straightforward as the other steps stated above, we will try to make it as straightforward as we can.
  • Please be sure to adhere to the instructions exactly as printed.
  • Go to the Better Discord app’s “User Settings” area.
  • On the left side menu, select “Themes” under the “BetterDiscord” heading.
  • A new window with the “Open Themes Folder” button will open.
  • After that, the downloaded theme must be copied and pasted.
  • Clicking the Enable button will turn on the theme.
  • Simply use the “ctrl + R” key to refresh the Better Discord after correctly completing the steps.

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Themes for Discord that Are Best

better discord themes

We can now move on to our primary topic: the “best Better Discord themes” as we’ve already covered the fundamentals of how to download and install the Better Discord software and themes.

Without further ado, let’s look at the top 6 Better Discord themes that we have to offer:

1. The Black Hole Theme

The younger BetterDiscord users find this to be a really appealing theme. Space is depicted in the theme’s main image, with stars and planets being specifically mentioned. It’s comfortable to watch because of the dark background, especially at night.

It is one of the most frequently used ones, with over 35,000 downloads.

2. The Fundamental Background Idea

Almost every aspect of the watching experience may be customized with this popular theme on better discord. The background could be changed with just one mouse click, and it would do it smoothly.

You can choose the accent color and alter the background’s opacity. The theme’s increased popularity and ease of use are indicated by the relatively high number of downloads.

3. Theme for Clear Vision

You can completely alter every element of the Clear Vision theme from Untuned to suit your preferences.

Changes to the color are a possibility. If you like, you can also modify the theme’s brightness and blur.

This theme doesn’t have any restrictions. You may modify things as often as you like. Blue accents work very well with the Clear Vision theme to produce a very attractive image.

The theme’s general appearance, which seems revolutionary, is not liked by everyone though. Despite this, a few users enjoy and highly suggest this theme.

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4. The Theme of The Server List

The theme displays a horizontal list of the servers’ names at the top of the screen. This theme’s ability to be merged with other themes as considered appropriate is one of its key draws.

5. The Reborn Theme

Another outstanding piece of work is MonsterDev’s introduction of the Reborn theme on Better Discord. Because of the developer’s emphasis on customization, we’d compare this theme to Better Discord’s Clear Vision theme.

The blur, color, brightness, and backgrounds of the theme are all fully editable.

The ability to customize it makes it an extremely adaptable theme for users. 0.1 million people have downloaded this good-looking theme, according to the Better Discord library.

We advise you to try both the Clear Vision and Reborn themes and choose your preference if you prefer simplicity

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