Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: Charlie Kaufman’s New Brain-Busting Film, Hilary Swank’s Away

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Do you pay for a Netflix subscription? Or do you “share” an account with your some unwitting sucker? Or are you the unwitting sucker? Tons of freeloaders aren’t paying full price for Netflix, which might seem like a cool way to stick it to the man, but it’s really just stealing. Would you download a car? I didn’t think so. I’m judging all of you! Here are the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of Sept. 4-10. This is probably the best week of Netflix releases for fans of octopuses in a long time. 

All titles debut on Friday, Sept. 4 unless otherwise noted. Here’s what came out on Netflix last week.

If you’re looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, we have plenty. If you’d like to see what’s coming out on Netflix in August, here are our Editors’ Picks for Netflix’s September releases and everything that’s coming to the service in the month. 

The Biggest Releases

I’m Thinking of Ending ThingsVisionary writer-director Charlie Kaufman returns for his first live-action movie since 2008’s Synecdoche, New York with this unnerving movie that’s described as a horror-thriller but leans more towards the uncategorizable. It’s about a woman (the great Jessie Buckley) who despite planning to break up with her boyfriend (the great Jesse Plemons) goes on a trip to meet his parents (the great David Thewlis and the great Toni Collette) at their isolated farm. Once they’re there, things start going very wrong. Like impossibly, existentially, seeing-beyond-the-veil wrong. This movie will be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the next Oscars and it won’t win because it’s too weird. Or maybe it’ll be too weird to even earn a nomination. And by “too weird,” I mean AWESOME! -Liam Mathews

Away, Season 1Hilary Swank stars in this space drama that doesn’t quite qualify as sci-fi, because even though it’s about a mission to Mars, it’s very much down to Earth when it comes to its subject matter. Jason Katims’ (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood) latest follows Swank’s astronaut and her diverse crew on the first manned mission to Mars as they confront issues of loneliness and family drama as their loved ones are left back home. Your tears will have liftoff. (Trailer / TV Guide review)

Julie and the Phantoms, Season 1This is a show aimed at tween girls and fans of DCOMs about a power-pop boy band that dies from eating bad street hot dogs but comes back decades later as ghosts to help a high school girl find her confidence as a musical performer. I’m serious. (Trailer / Thursday, Sept. 10)

The Best New Shows to Watch This Summer

Everything Else

The Babysitter: Killer QueenThe sequel to the 2018 horror-comedy The Babysitter looks like it reached the point that some sequels reach where they just say f— it, let’s just make the entire film rehashes of the most ridiculous parts of the first film. And in this case, that’s exactly what we want, right? Two years after nearly getting killed by his babysitter and her twisted friends, they return, as ghosts, to try it all over again. This is a McG joint. (Thursday, Sept. 10)

Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy, Season 1 Part 2Hay! Netflix’s mane attraction for horse girls gallops back for the second part of the first season of this spin-off of this popular animated kids show. Lucky and her friends are in the saddle again at Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy, and I gotta say, this show is pretty good. (Trailer) 

My Octopus TeacherA man befriends an octopus and learns to love life and his place in the world. This is not about a guy being taught by a cephalopod how to squirt ink out of his butt, sadly. (Trailer / Monday, Sept. 7)

Undercover, Season 2The Belgian-Dutch gritty crime drama returns, with Bob and Kim going incognito to out some arms dealers while mobster Ferry Bouman — one of TV’s current great bad dudes — tries to sniff out their true identities from prison. (Trailer / Sunday, Sept. 6)

Record of Youth, Season 1Most Korean romance dramas don’t have enough characters going rags to riches, so this one has three, all trying to make it in the fashion industry. (Trailer / Monday, Sept. 7)

#AliveWhen Koreans aren’t making romance dramas involving umbrellas, models, and actors, they’re making zombie movies. This one’s about a guy who does what more people should do during zombie outbreaks: stay in his apartment for as long as possible. (Trailer / Tuesday, Sept. 8)

The Best New TV Shows of 2020 to Binge-Watch

StarBeam, Season 2In this animated series for young ones, an 8-year-old girl is also a superhero! Good for her. Meanwhile, your kid’s superpower is changing their mind about what they want to eat every two minutes. (Trailer / Tuesday, Sept. 8)

CutiesThis French coming-of-age movie caught a lot of flak for its suggestive poster featuring 11-year-old girls twerking. The trailer looks even worse, like the creators were just so oblivious about putting tween girls in awkward situations where they steal from their parents, dance provocatively, and flirt with older boys while lying about their age. But maybe that’s the point? (Trailer / Wednesday, Sept. 9)

Get Organized With the Home Edit, Season 1Sick of Marie Kondo’s s—? Did you tidy up your home only to find that you had to tidy it up AGAIN a year later? Well, try organizing your life a different way with Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, a pair of lifestyle experts who encourage putting things in bins and organizing by color, as Reese Witherspoon finds out in the first episode. I mean, isn’t that just basic cleaning? Yes, but the Home Edit uses a lot more excited screaming. (Trailer / Wednesday, Sept. 9)

La Linea: Shadow of Narco, Season 1The Spanish town of La Linea is basically a drug trafficker superhighway, so if you love drugs, it’s the place to be! No, wait! I mean, this docuseries shows the tough jobs cops have in the area. (Trailer / Wednesday, Sept. 9)

So Much Love to GiveIn this Argentinian comedy film, a polygamist has two wives and families… but they don’t know that! Hey pal, save some for the rest of us! (Trailer / Wednesday, Sept. 9)

The Social DilemmaYou’ll throw your tweetbox out of the window after watching this scary documentary about the evils of social media. (Trailer / Wednesday, Sept. 9)

The Gift, Season 2A woman tries to unlock the secrets of an archaeological dig site and wouldn’t you know it? Weird things start to happen to her. (Trailer / Thursday, Sept. 10)

The Idhun Chronicles, Season 1Anime, bro. An orphaned young man seeks the killer who offed his ‘rents and finds a fantastic world full of magic and other anime things. (Trailer / Thursday, Sept. 10)

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