Best Korean Thriller Movies releasing in 2022

Korean movies have gained some cult following in recent years, especially in the west. After the release of Parasite which went on to become the first international feature to win an award for Best Picture at Oscars, the Korean movie industry is buzzing with excitement.

Each year, the country produces some spectacular titles in the thriller genre. They always bring something unique to the movie and create a reflection of our society in multiple dimensions.

Today, we are here to talk about the best upcoming Korean thriller movies of 2022 to watch. Let’s have a look at the list of Best Korean Thriller Movies releasing in 2022.

Best Korean Thriller Movies releasing in 2022
Best Korean Thriller Movies 2022


The Gentleman is one of the most anticipated titles which will be released in 2022 in South Korea. Its primary shooting began in August 2021 and the production is underway. The movie stars Ju-Ji Hoon in the lead role along with Choi Sung-Eun and Park Sung-Woong as other members.

Best upcoming Korean Thriller Movies Of 2022 to watch
Gentleman (2022)

Its plot centers on the private investigator called Ju Hyun-Soo who gets framed for a murder. Ju collaborates with the prosecutor Kim Hwa-Jin to get him out of this mess, however, things are much more complex than he imagined.

The Pirates: Goblin Flag

Direct by Kim Jeong-Hoon and written by Chun Sung-il, The Pirates: Goblin Flag is an upcoming pirate adventure movie set to release in 2022 in Korean theatres. It stars Kang Ha-Seul and Han Hyo-Joo in the lead roles.

Best upcoming Korean Thriller Movies Of 2022 to watch
The Pirates: Goblin Flag (2022)

It is a period adventure movie that takes place in the world of pirates. The focus of the movie is a pirate group that gathers around to look for a grand treasure. Not much of a plot is revealed yet, but hopefully, we will find out more soon.

The Outlaws 2

The sequel to The Outlaws, The Outlaws 2 aka The Roundup will be hitting the theatres in South Korea next year. After some delay in the production, it is all set to appear on the big screen following the events of The Outlaws.

Best upcoming Korean Thriller Movies Of 2022 to watch
The Outlaws 2 (2022)

We don’t know much about the plot as of yet but it will continue Ma Dong-Seok’s attempts to restore peace in his town. Previously, it was a fight between the two gangs, now it will be an even bigger event. Hopefully, The Outlaws 2 will surpass its predecessor and present us with a fabulous story.

Special Cargo

The Special Cargo is an upcoming action-thriller movie set to release on January 12th, 2021. Written and directed by Park Dae-Min, it stars Park So-Dam, Song Sae-byeok, and Kim Eui-Sung in their respective roles.

Best upcoming Korean Thriller Movies Of 2022 to watch
Special Cargo

The focus of the story is a delivery driver who has a tremendous 100% rating in her work. One day, she onboards a child into her car and things begin to get shoddy. The synopsis is limited to this yet, but we are anticipating learning more as the trailer for the movie drops.

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