Top 10 Best Internet Speed Test Apps to Try

Top 10 Best Internet Speed Test Apps to Try
Top 10 Best Internet Speed Test Apps to Try

Allow us to take some of your time, and let’s imagine it’s Friday night and you are at your home planning to watch Season 6 of The Office. However, your excitement dies when you notice that your internet is working like a snail! Yeah, you might start acting like Michael when he encounters Toby!

Slow internet is a nightmare; if you wonder about taking a Linux, Windows, or Mac internet speed test, we have something for you. Let’s snap out of this image and read this article to find out the top 10 best internet speed test apps to try.

Top 10 Best Internet Speed Test Apps to Try
Best Internet Speed Tests Applications


One of the best internet speed test apps on our list is Analiti. It does basic speed tests such as download and upload rates, as well as latency.

The interesting size to Analiti is that it also functions as a WiFi analyzer. It’ll show you additional nearby signals and tell you about your router’s throughput speeds and channels. Even if the router isn’t visible on your phone, it can identify if it supports WiFi.

With this program, you can know about your internet speed and evaluate potential WiFi or router problems.

Try Analiti (Link)

Meteor by OpenSignal

Meteor is a speed test software developed by OpenSignal, a well-known name in the industry trusted by many users and one of the best internet speed test apps on our list.

The program performs essential functions such as upload and download speed testing. It also tells you how your speeds will convert to actual performance with your phone’s apps.

In general, your apps will work properly as long as your Internet connection isn’t too bad.

Try Meteor by OpenSignal (Link)

SpeedTest Master

For both iOS and Android, SpeedTest Master is the best internet speed testing tool in the market. It has various features beyond conventional speed testing, such as the ability to evaluate ping response times for PlayStation Network, Steam, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media networks.

It can also assess WiFi signal strength and tell you where you should stand for optimal connectivity. Another unique feature is examining different WiFi signals and determining which ones provide the best connection for uninterrupted binge-watching!

Try SpeedTest Master (Link)

Fast by Netflix

Netflix is known for its wide variety of shows to entertain us after a weird day! However, Fast is another boon for us from Netflix, which many users prefer. The program begins measuring your download speed as soon as you switch it on.

It’s accessible on both iOS and Android right now.

Try Fast by Netflix (Link)


nPerf is a speed test app that has a lot of valuable features. It measures download and upload speeds, among other things. Bitrate, streaming speed, browsing speed, and latency are all tested by the app. Cool, isn’t it?

Try nPerf (Link)

Simple Speedcheck

Simple Speedcheck is a speed test program with a simple interface. The premise is identical to that of Netflix’s FAST.

It has essential aesthetics, straightforward charts, and complex features. It’s as simple as opening it, running the test, and looking at the results. The program also notes whether you run a speed test using WiFi or mobile data and lets you examine prior results. Beat slow internet speed with Simple Speedcheck!

Try Simple Speedcheck (Link)


V-SPEED, which is only available as a smartphone app, features a sleek UI and a plethora of adjustment choices for those who want to get into more complicated settings. It has a WiFi and mobile signal finder, mobile network coverage maps, filtering and sorting tools, and the ability to choose default-test servers.

V-SPEED has a 4.6 rating in the Apple App Store and a 4.8 rating on Google Play.

Try V-Speed (Link)

Cloudflare Speed Test

The upload, download, latency, and jitter graphs provided by Cloudflare‘s speed test are extremely thorough. The software runs several tests, including uploads and downloads of 100 kB, 1 MB, 10 MB, 25 MB, and 100 MB.

For each test, you may see the results for the minimum, maximum, average, median, 25th percentile, and 75th percentile. Only a web version of the Cloudflare speed test is available.

Try Cloudflare Speed Test (Link)

FCC Speed Test

In 2021, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a free test app for users to monitor upload and download speeds, latency, and packet loss.

When you check your internet speed, you’re also contributing anonymous, crowdsourced mapping data to help assess broadband quality across the US. You can limit mobile data usage during testing by adjusting the app’s settings.

The FCC Speed Test has a rating of 3.7 on the Apple App Store and 3.6 on Google Play.

Try FCC Speed Test (Link)

Online Speedtest by Ookla

As the world’s leading provider of internet speed testing, users can rely on Ookla to provide accurate performance and network diagnostics. Users can use Ookla’s free speed test to get the most unbiased information about their real-time internet speeds with only a single click of a button.

Try Ookla Speed Test (Link)

The next time you want to make sure you have a stable internet connection, choose any one of the apps for uninterrupted binge-watching with your loved ones! Let us know in the comments if we have missed anything.