Best Early Black Friday Deals: Check It Now!

Best Early Black Friday Deals

Black Friday sales are about to start, but thanks to a number of early promotions from retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, it already feels like the 2022 Black Friday shopping season has started.

Despite the fact that the actual date is just a few days away, you can already get items like TVs, AirPods, mattresses, air fryers, toys, vacuums, and more for record-low rates. We’ve gathered the greatest Black Friday deals currently available to help you sort through the sea of offers and find the best deals.

We’ve included links to the Black Friday specials that have already begun below, along with our pick of the finest offers we’ve seen so far. We’re also constantly adding fresh deals.

The Best Early Black Friday Deals

Why Is Black Friday so Named?

To understand why it is called Black Friday, let’s look back in time: When many called in ill the day following Thanksgiving to get an extra day off work, the term “Black Friday” was first used to refer to this shopping experience in a November 1951 article in the journal Factory Management and Maintenance(opens in new tab).

At the same time, US authorities were referring to the horrible traffic that occurred at the start of the pre-Christmas shopping season as “Black Friday” and “Black Saturday.”

The local government attempted to change the shopping season to “Big Friday” and “Big Saturday” in 1961, but it was unsuccessful. The idea that it was the time when retailers moved “back into the black” was seen much later and was obviously an effort to uplift the term.


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