Best Batman Villain for Matt Reeves’ The Batman

Best Batman Villain

Best Batman Villain

I’m Batman; this is what everybody starting from Michael Keaton to Ben Affleck. However, Batman has a long list of enemies who inspire him and irritate him. However, Matt Reeves’ Batman is going to be extremely different from the rest. The forthcoming movie, The Batman would feature noir cinematography.

Following is a list of Batman villains that should have an introduction in the new Batman flick:


It is quite some time that the mastermind who beat Fish Mooney and Carmine Falcone came into being. Penguin is exceptionally witty and cunning, and this is the only thing that makes him dangerous. Penguin is also one of the greatest mafias that the City of Gotham have ever seen. Eventually, Penguin becomes a formidable Batman adversary and villain. There is a highly likely chance that Penguin might be the next big evil villain in the forthcoming Batman movie.

Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze:

Victor Fries is the most fantastic scientist, or he was before he became Mr. Freeze. Fries had a horrible father and had no friends. Nora Fries his wife, on the other hand, diagnosed with a terminal illness that destroyed Fries’s sanity. And later he became a criminal and a thief to save that life of his wife.

Fries was extremely desperate to save the life of his wife. He began working with a substantial corporate company, the company was evil and Ferris Boyle, an evil person, ran it. Finally, Fries was not able to cure Nora, and he put her in a cryo-stasis to cure her in the future.

Arkham Knight:

So far, Arkham Knight is the best villain that Batman could go against in the future or this time past. In the Batman game series, Arkham Knight is the final villain that Batman has to face and then the game completes. Knight is an ex-military and a warrior who provide extreme damage to Bruce Wayne aka The Bat of Gotham.

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