Bert Wollersheim: “For me, nothing is embarrassing for a long time”

Bert Wollersheim

Dusseldorf’s red-light area celebrity Bert Wollersheim came into prominence with two new topics on social media. By the looks of it, in Bert’s Instagram account, there was a subtle danger concerning his activities with Ms. Ginger. It seems like Bert is currently in a financial dilemma. As of now, the 68-year-old celebrity has run into legal problems.

On the other hand, the case is around his sweet, and the only thing that is precious for him other than Ms. Ginger. Recently the police have taken Wollersheim’s love of his life Cadillac into impound. The fans of Wollersheim and Ginger were thinking that the couple is in trouble. But, that is not the case. In the show, “Celebrities Private,” the couple showcase their lives from getting pregnant to getting tattoos.

Promis Privat features Bert Wollersheim and Ginger

Both Ginger Costello and Bert Wollersheim did talk about their limitations on the television. On the other hand, the couple also did talk about attending a wedding soon. Bert said that he doesn’t feel that things embarrass him; if a person lives in the eyes of the public, they are going to be judged.

However, pretending to people and acting for a long time gets exhausting for Bert and his wife. The only thing that Bert cares about is earning money, and whatever backlashes come with it.

Bert does say that he maintains a limit on the show

When it comes to nudity, Bert doesn’t prefer to showcase nudity entirely on the show. Bert said that he doesn’t merely want to disturb or the viewers or anything. According to Bert, whatever takes place in the show is not something that should bother people.

One of the best things that Bert said during the interview was that whatever they represent on TV has nothing to do with their real lives. However, people will come forward with malicious content and sham him, and Ginger as this is how the entertainment business works.

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