Ben Napier Weight Loss: His Incredible Weight Loss Transformation!

ben napier weight loss

Ben and Erin Napier, stars of the HGTV series Home Community, reside and restore homes in the Mississippi community of Laurel. Ben, a woodworker, author, and entrepreneur with a history degree, has a passion for restoring and preserving historic residences.

Ben Napier Weight Loss

ben napier weight loss

His wife Erin Napier tweeted on March 26, 2023, that he had lost 65 pounds since they began filming the episode that broadcast that night. Ben’s transformation wowed viewers after she shared a photo of him with Jay Leno during their recent trip to Los Angeles. However, this is not the first time the carpenter has lost a substantial quantity of weight.

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Erin Napier & ‘Home Town’ Fans Celebrate Husband Ben’s Weight Loss

Erin Napier is a very proud wife, having shared glimpses of Ben’s weight loss results and complimenting him for his dedication to getting healthier over the past month. On March 2, she posted a photo of him with their daughters, Helen, 5, and Mae, almost 2 years old, on the floor of a gym he had constructed in their new country residence.

She wrote, “Somehow, despite having a torn rotator cuff and us barging in and slowing him down daily, has been building a gym in the barn, losing many pounds, and holy smokes, what a hottie with good blood pressure.”

After posting a nude photograph of Ben constructing painting easels for her and their daughters four days later, her fans joked that she would “break the internet.”

The photo she tweeted of him with Jay Leno after an unexpected invitation to visit his classic car-filled garage in Los Angeles captivated fans once more.

One person responded, “I’m pleased with Ben’s weight loss and health journey! You, individuals, are demonstrating once again that people can achieve success when they apply themselves.”

A nurse tweeted, “Love you regardless of girth, @scotsmanco… By making these changes, you are adding quality and YEARS to your existence with your daughters. “What a lovely way to say ‘I love you’!”

Another devotee tweeted, “He looks fantastic.. congrats!” I am aware of the effort that goes into that, Ben. “After his accident, Jay Leno looks too good to see.”

According to People, Leno was involved in a car fire in his garage on November 12, 2022, and suffered severe second-degree burns on his face and upper body. However, after nine days in the hospital, he has impressed his physicians with how well he has recovered.

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Ben Napier Also Lost a Significant Amount of Weight in 2018

After the birth of his daughter Helen in January 2018, Ben decided to increase his exercise regimen and lose weight. Ben, who is 6’6 tall, posted an Instagram photo from his childhood several weeks after the birth of his daughter and wrote that he comes from “a long line of big men who don’t really discuss their health until it’s an issue.”

His father required emergent bypass surgery one month prior to his 60th birthday, he wrote. In addition, he informed Country Living in January 2019 that his grandfather’s maternal grandfather died of a stroke when his mother was only 17 years old. Ben stated that, given his familial history, he wished to prevent similar health problems.

Ben reported to the TODAY Show in the same month that he had lost 55 pounds by consuming fewer carbohydrates, weightlifting four to five times per week, and routinely playing basketball. This weight loss was a tremendous relief for Erin, who revealed TODAY that she had been experiencing recurring anxieties about his health.

“I used to have this recurring dream in which the doctor informed us that Ben’s heart was failing and he didn’t have long to live,” she disclosed. “In one dream, I threw a ‘going away’ party for him at which everyone he’d ever known arrived to send him off and say their farewells, and I kept my arms around him and my ear to his chest so I could hear his heart beating steadily. I would awaken with cold perspiration and weeping in my eyes.”

However, Ben’s weight loss in 2018 alleviated her concerns, and she could once again “imagine us old and gray together.”

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