Being the Ricardos Ending Explained: Did Desi Really Cheat on Lucille?

Being the Ricardos Ending Explained
Being the Ricardos Ending Explained

Directed by Aaron Sorkin, Being the Ricardos is a biographical drama movie that is distributed by Amazon Studios. It stars Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem in the lead roles while J.K.Simmons, Nina Arianda, Tony Hale, and Alia Shawkat make up the supporting cast.

Being the Ricardos presents the story of episode number 204 of the popular American show called I Love Lucy and depicts the drama in Lucille Ball’s life where she goes through many up and down moments during the week. Let’s discuss and talk about Being the Ricardos Ending Explained and break down its last moments.

Being the Ricardos Ending Explained
Being the Ricardos Ending Explained

Being the Ricardos Plot

We go directly to the year 1952 where the star of I Love Lucy Lucille Ball gets labeled as a communist in a radio broadcast. Furthermore, she receives a copy of a magazine from someone on which she sees her husband Desi Arnaz with another woman.

Lucille suspects that her husband is cheating on her, however, she can’t confirm it since he stays away most of the time. On the morning of the table reading for episode 204, the crew along with Lucille learn that the story of her being a communist wasn’t picked up by any paper. However, there’s still some tension.

By the time this problem got settled, another issue arrives. Lucille got pregnant and this proved to be a hindrance to the show. Since it was a family, they couldn’t possibly allow displaying a pregnant Lucille in the show.

Being the Ricardos shows the problems Lucille faced in that period when a number of problems fell over her head all in one swoop. We learn her struggles and how she tackled these circumstances in the movie directed by Aaron Sorkin.

The accusation of Being a Communist

Lucille wasn’t exactly a communist. According to her, while voting for the first time, she registered as a communist to please her grandfather. Since her father died when she was young, her grandfather played a huge role in bringing her up.

There was some investigation on her but it returned null since they weren’t able to identify her as a communist. However, one of the radio shows accused her of this and it was later picked up by the newspapers.

To clear the name of Lucille, Desi contacted his FBI friend and held a press conference in front of the show’s studio. The FBI officer cleared the name of Lucille and dismissed all the accusations made on her.

Being the Ricardos Ending Explained
Being the Ricardos movie Ending

Being the Ricardos Ending Explained – Did Desi Really Cheat on Lucille?

During her scary week, she also learns about the potential cheating of her husband. She didn’t want it to be true since Lucille always put her family above all of her ambitions. However, for Desi, he was a man who wanted to achieve new heights.

After returning from World War II, Desi didn’t find any work that would put him in the limelight. Hence Lucille made sure he gets a new stint in I Love Lucy. However, things seemed always off whenever they shot the scenes.

One day, Lucille found a handkerchief with the scent of another woman and then showed it to Desi. Desi admitted that he slept with another woman and Lucille’s nightmare turned into reality. In 1960, they finally decided to break up.

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