Beauty Hacks: The Most Useful Viral Beauty Hacks of 2022 so Far

beauty hacks

Every other day it seems like new TikTok beauty tips are appearing on the app, promising to make your life simpler and your face more attractive. These suggestions occasionally provide beneficial effects, such as the neutralizing addition of blue pigment to your foundation. Others, like combining lube with your base makeup (please, just don’t), are just not worth the time or are downright bizarre. Trying to keep up with all the new tricks and determine which ones are genuinely worthwhile the effort can become a little overwhelming.

The reality behind these TikTok hacks, however, is what we’re here to tell you. Through the brief existence of the app, there are several that we have discussed or even refuted. We’ve got a list of every 2021 huge no-no right here if you want to see them all. But before you go through your For You Page, here are some of the best tips you might miss.

Making Contouring Simple

beauty hacks

Megan Lavallie, a Houston-based TikTok user, stunned the beauty industry with her straightforward but practical trick for facial contouring. “There is this one point here on your cheek that, if you poked a hole through, it would touch your teeth,” she says at the beginning of the brief film. As she speaks, she uses the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand, which frequently sells out, to illustrate how to accomplish it.

But unlike most people who contour, she doesn’t move her brush back and forth to blend it out. As she says, this gives the appearance of higher cheekbones, so she concentrates her blending just where she applied that dot. This tip can help you mold your face a little bit more easily if contouring has ever baffled you.

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Using Blush to Correct Colors

If makeup items are used properly, using them for several purposes can save time and money. One of her fans gave color corrector a try as a cream blush, which gave London-based content maker Tammi Clarke the idea. L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer in Orange Corrector is her go-to cosmetic. Due to its affordability and suitability for darker skin tones, the product is a well-liked color corrector. If this is your first time using it, just remember that a little goes a long way.

Erika La’ Pearl, Cardi B’s makeup artist, explains some of her best beauty looks.

After applying a few swipes of the vivid orange color to her cheeks, Clarke buffs it along her cheekbones with a wide fluffy brush. On her cheeks, the pumpkin color fades into a light peach blush that looks stunning. According to her statement to Allure, “I appreciate applying this hack because I love finding new ways to use goods you could already have in your collection but never thought of using it in that way.”

Eyeliner Techniques for Nose Contouring

beauty hacks

Amina Keita, a user from Maryland, said that utilizing an eyeliner pencil will make it simpler to manage the shape of your nose. She contours with the Wet N Wild Color Icon Kohl Liner Pencil in Simma Brown Now rather than the customary cream or powder. According to her, she initially gravitated toward the product since she was unable to find contour creams that were dark enough for her skin tone. She also adored applying it to her lips and eyebrows, and one day she thought she would give it a try on her nose.

Not only was it the ideal hue, but it was also reasonably priced and allowed her much more control. “Even now, nine years later, I still use this procedure even though I have multiple contour products.” She claims that every time she uses the cream, her nose contour is flawless.

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Make Your Lashes Colored

In 2020, colorful lashes were a major craze on social media, and they are still popular today. Suzan Dabas, a user from Toronto, decided to test out the fad for herself. She uses a vibrant yellow eyeliner to draw stripes across a few hairs rather than dyeing the entire lash. She uses a little brush and the Matte Lashes Pastel Water-Activated Palette to paint the lashes. Because the lash may be cleaned and returned to its original color, she picked a water-activated pigment. She can then experiment with the style without risking harm to her false teeth.

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