Baton Rouge Rapper Juice Bentley Charged W/ Murdering His Baby Mama!!

Baton Rouge Rapper Juice Bentley Charged W/ Murdering His Baby Mama!!

Baton Rouge rapper Juice Bentley was detained on Monday, also charged with murdering his kid’s mom, MTO News has shown.

that the rapper was on the run also had been discovered in Denver, Colorado almost a month later police state he murdered his ex-girlfriend.

Prosecutors state, Juice Bentley, actual title Davyon Bentley, 24, has been detained on Monday, Oct. 12, at Denver. They assert that Bentley, Juice Bentley fled the scene of this murder Sept. 16, later killing 40-year old Brenda Mullens.


Authorities state the two – who supposedly share a lady together – had a argument in her house that evening.

Authorities consider the debate turned into physical and Mullens was taken from the rapper. The circumstances resulting in the shooting aren’t fully based but MTO News could affirm that Brenda was hauled to a local hospital where she later died from her injuries.

Along with what authorities think was a murder, prosecutors state in the right time of this shooting, the rapper was wanted on charges of home invasion, illegal use of a weapon, felon in possession of a firearm, along with simple criminal damage to property.

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Juice Bentley is going to probably be extradited to Baton Rouge to face costs of murder that is senile, tried first-degree murder, and illegal use of a weapon, and felon in possession of a firearm.

Juice Bentley is famous from the Baton Rouge area because of his rap tunes which have lyrics linking to violence and firearms.

At 1 tune,”Homicide,” Bentley says,”cuz’ where I am from, steak ain’t crushed until someone dies.” In addition, he states,”I understand imma die an actual one, they believed that I was duckin’ until they believed I had killed something”

In the following among Bentley’s rap tunes,”War Time,” he claims,”beef do not squash unless it’s a homicide,” pointing firearms in the camera during the audio video.

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