Barack Obama Speaks About Trump’s Refusal To Accept Election Results In ‘60 Minutes’ Preview | National

Barack Obama Truth About Trump’s Refusal To Accept Election Results In’60 Minutes’ Preview | National

At a preview clip in the coming Sunday’s event of 60 Minutes, former President Barack Obama opinions on present President Donald Trump’s unfounded and unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. )

“They seem to be moved, in part, as the president does not want to lose rather than admits reduction,” Mr. Obama informed Scott Pelley from the trailer video.

The 44th President also states members of the Republican party who”go along with” his unfounded claims of election fraud set flames on a really dangerous route.

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“I am more bothered by the reality that other Republican officers that certainly understand better are going with this, are still humoring him in such a manner,” Obama said. “It’s yet another step into delegitimizing not only the incoming Biden government, but politics normally. And that is a dangerous route.”

The 60 Minutes and approaching CBS Sunday Morning interviews are Obama’s first since declaring his new novel, A Promised Land.

Though Joe Biden has obtained sufficient electoral votes to cross the 270 threshold necessary to become president-elect, President Trump has refused to accept the election. He has established a string of suits against allegations of widespread fraud in a number of countries, but has neglected to offer any proof. Though a couple of Republicans have confessed President-elect Biden’s triumph, many have remained quiet or are actively advocating Mr. Trump’s claims of voter fraud.

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