Barack Obama claims Presidency Nearly glamorized his Union

Barack Obama has shown his period in office caused acute strain between him and his wife Michelle Obama.

“This was as though, restricted as we had been inside the walls of this White House, all her prior sources of pity became more focused, more colorful, if it had been my round-the-clock absorption together with function, or how politics subjected our loved ones into scrutiny and strikes, or the propensity of friends and family members to take care of her job as secondary in significance,” he wrote in his forthcoming memoir, ” A Promise Land.


The prior POTUS added that”lying alongside Michelle from the dark, I would consider these days when all involving us felt lighter, more when her grin was constant and our love encumbered, and also my heart could suddenly tighten in the idea that those days may not return”

Since departing the White House, both Michelle and Barack are more powerful than ever and are still role models for many Americans.

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