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Former President Barack Obama made it clear in a Meeting Sunday (Nov. 15) Together with CBS’s Gayle King he Does N’t Have plans to Combine President-elect Joe Biden’s Cabinet next year.

“There are probably a few things I wouldn’t be performing,’cause Michelle would render me. She would be like,’What? You are doin’ what?”” Obama said about his wife Michelle Obama’s likely response to the thought.

Obama said he’d assist his former vice president at all he could, but he also added that Biden does not want his guidance.

His remarks about CBS Sunday Morning and the coming 60 Minutes were his very first interviews after the election ahead of the launch of his novel, A Promised Land.

Obama remained in the foundation for most of the Republican effort. Nevertheless, in the last weeks, Obama firmly criticized President Donald Trump in speeches that he delivered in crucial swing states, particularly on Trump’s failure to fight the lethal COVID-19 pandemic.

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“It was not personal. The reality is that which I mentioned, I was only stating reality,” he told King.

Obama stated could have chosen to not have been out there however defended his decision to break the tradition of prior presidents becoming involved with presidential campaigns.

He said,”I believe we had been at a situation in this election where specific criteria, specific institutional values Which Are so tremendously significant, was breached — it had been very important for me, as a person who’d served in this office, to only allow individuals know,’That Isn’t ordinary'”

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