Azerbaijan promises to protect Christian churches because several flee

Azerbaijan vows to protect Christian churches as many flee

MOSCOW – The president of Azerbaijan is asserting that Christian churches would be shielded when the Muslim nation takes ownership of areas previously controlled by Armenians, as taxpayers burnt their houses and fled in trucks and cars before Sunday’s anticipated takeover.

President Ilham Aliyev’s division stated he made the guarantee at a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who’s deploying peacekeeping forces from the regions under an arrangement which finished half an hour of fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan within the Nagorno-Karabakh area.

Ethnic Armenian forces had commanded Nagorno-Karabakh and large adjoining lands since 1994and following the conclusion of a separatist war. Fighting resumed in late September and finished with the agreement that requires Azerbaijan to recover control of the outlying territories in addition to letting it continue to keep elements of Nagorno-Karabakh that it captured during the current fighting.

The earliest of those lands, Kalbajar, was turned on Sunday. However, Azerbaijan consented at the final minute to provide Armenian forces and civilians before Nov. 25 to draw.

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Kalbajar is house to the renowned Dadivank monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church. But on Saturday, a day ahead of the land’s expected handover, employees removed a lot of their monastery’s holy items.

Azerbaijani presidential spokesman Hikmet Hajiyev stated Sunday that the delay has been asked by Armenia and awarded”taking into consideration the weather conditions along with also the difficult mountainous terrain”

Civilians fleeing the area caused huge traffic jams around the single road leading to Armenia.

Ethnic Armenian Garo Dadevusyan wrenched off his house’s metal roof at Kalbajar at the past couple of days, trying to determine how to ruin it.

“At the end, we’ll blow it up or put it on fire, so to not render anything to Muslims,” Dadevusyan stated. He piled up the roofing and household goods on an old fashioned truck however their final location was uncertain.

“We’re homeless today. We don’t understand the best places to go and in which to live… It’s very difficult,” his spouse Lusine, said, choking back tears as the couple gave his new home a last appearance.

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Azerbaijan is roughly 95percent Muslim and Armenians dread that dinosaurs could be broken or shut as it requires charge of the lands.

“President Aliyev stated that Christian churches in both Azerbaijani lands, that can be returned into Azerbaijan in compliance with the trilateral statement, will probably likewise be suitably protected by the nation. Christians of Azerbaijan have access to such churches,” said the statement by his workplace.

Hundreds, or even tens of thousands of combatants and civilians have been killed since fighting flared past in late September.


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