From Fame to Financial Struggles: Azealia Banks Shares Her Story of Sleeping in A Storage Space

Azealia Banks Says She Was So Broke She Slept in 'Storage Space'

The “212” rapper said to Dazed that she struggled financially after being reportedly taken advantage of by others in the music business.

Azealia Banks is talking openly about the drawbacks of celebrity.

The controversial rapper, 31, said to Dazed magazine for the spring 2023 issue, “There was a period when people didn’t want to book me.

“My royalties and other types of money were being stolen by n——-s. I mean, there was a moment when I was so desperately poor that I was staying in a storage unit. You know, Famous and Broke.”

Azealia Banks Got Diagnosed with Bipolar Disease

Azealia Banks Says She Was So Broke She Slept in 'Storage Space'

The “212” singer admitted to the publication that she had a bipolar condition and said that she hadn’t generally gotten much support from the music business. She also recognized the times when she faced criticism for using homophobic and transphobic words.

This includes an incident from 2015 in which the Broke with Expensive Taste singer likened the LGBTQ community to the Klan and declared her desire to “attack a homosexual man in the face with pepper spray” after hurling a homophobic epithet at a flight attendant.

Banks expressed regret and pledged to “never speak the word F——- ever again” in 2016. Despite this, she was barred from Twitter following a transphobic tirade in 2020, before returning in April 2022.

Banks said to Dazed, “I can be a bit dirty. “Everyone occasionally tells a stupid joke. Who cares, like? You know, Quentin Tarantino regularly receives $500 million for doing incredibly terrible jokes. Let’s go. Let me relieve my s—-.”

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She Talked About Having a Traumatic Childhood

Azealia Banks Says She Was So Broke She Slept in 'Storage Space'

Harlem-born Banks also talked of losing her father to pancreatic cancer when she was just two years old and having to accept her mother’s schizophrenia diagnosis when she was ten.

She said to Dazed, “I was reared by Dominican carers. My mother would give them a few thousand bucks and then simply vanish for five weeks.

“I would just be in my brain, like, ‘Does my mother not want me anymore? Will she return? Would she make it? “To the outlet, she added.

She said, “She would boast about how she killed my father using witchcraft. (Banks also claimed that in 2016 she engaged in witchcraft)

In the past, Banks has also gotten into confrontations with people like artists Lana Del Rey, Cardi B, and actor Skai Jackson, among others.

She also rushed off stage at a performance at Wynwood Pride in Miami in June 2022 while yelling about the organizer’s claimed lack of professionalism.

Azealia Banks’s Early Indoctrination Followed Her Into the Music Industry

Azealia Banks Says She Was So Broke She Slept in 'Storage Space'

“I’ve basically been f—-ed with for the past month and a half. You know, I’ve been f—-ed around with. The set time has been altered, and I see you’re the headline act. You are not the headliner, no. You’re no longer this, and I really don’t want to be here “In footage uploaded to Twitter, she remarked while grinning.

Banks said to Dazed that being called “a horrible person” at a young age affected the way she behaved throughout her early career.

“I believe that a lot of that early indoctrination, especially throughout my formative years, followed me into the music industry – where you would see me lashing out at people and just, like, being horrible,” she remarked.

The rapper went on to say, “because I was told I was that person. It was quite awkward for me when I first became famous and had so many people express me their love and appreciation and tell me they enjoyed the stuff I was doing. I was unsure of how to handle any of that. When I was younger, no one ever said that I was attractive.”

Even while she hasn’t lost any of her renowned caustic edges, she has now started to view herself more favorably.

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She told the magazine, “People are always like, well, it’s the Azealia Banks redemption narrative. “But for whom the hell am I atoning? You ought to be working to earn my forgiveness.”

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