Awake ending explained – Who Survived and Who Died?

Awake ending explained - Who Survived and Who Died?
Awake ending explained - Who Survived and Who Died?

Recently added to Netflix’s apocalyptic collection, Awake is a story of humanity’s survival after a deadly situation threatens the brink of humans. The Center of the story is Jill, a mother to two kids Noah and Matilda. While not owning their custody due to her drug habits, she decides to visit them at her mother’s house.

Fast forward and they get into the car. She drives but the vehicles on the highway start acting weird. Similarly, Jill’s vehicle loses control and hence crashes into the river. Suspecting that her children may have drowned, she panics. However, when she sees a police officer performing CPR and saving Matlida she gets a sigh of relief.

Awake ending explained

They return to her mother’s house but none of them can sleep except for Matilda. The next day, she visits the hospital to steal drugs only to find that insomnia has broken out and nobody has been able to sleep. This is a starting point that engulfs Jill and her family into a web of devastating events and her approach to survival.

So if you’ve watched Awake and weren’t able to catch up with what happened, we are here for you. Let’s take a look at the Awake ending explained and find out who survived and who died.

What is the Relationship of Jill With Murphy?

Back in the army, Murphy was Jill’s senior. In the hospital, she, informs Jill about the insomnia outbreak. Jill tells Brian about Matilda’s ability to sleep even after the outbreak.

Where Did Matilda Go?

After failed drug deal, Jill returns home only to find Matilda not there. Her mother had taken Jill to the church and people wanted to sacrifice her so that they can come out of this adversity. Brian tries to calm the situation but gets shot in the head. Jill, Noah, and Matilda somehow escape and head toward the hub.

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Confrontation With Murphy

After telling her kids to stay in an abandoned house, Jill sneaks into the hub. Over there she meets a woman who’s also able to sleep. She asks her to take care of Matilda but the woman refuses. Later on, Murphy reveals she has kidnapped Jill’s kids and now they’re running tests on Matilda.

How Did Murphy Die?

Jill’s futile attempts don’t work as she is unable to do anything to save her daughter. Murphy suddenly collapses and dies. The reason? her assistant didn’t clear the air in the syringe before injecting her. This may have lead to a heart attack and hence causing her death.

Why Was Matilda Able to Sleep?

When her brother came to life after nearly burning out, she and her brother put Jill into the truck. Matilda comes to realize that she’s only able to sleep because she had seemingly died. Back when they drowned, Matilda had died however, the police officer’s CPR brought her back to life. Similarly, Noah already died because of electrocution and came back to life.

Awake ending explained – Did Jill Die?

Awake ending explained – Did Jill Die?

Discovering this secret, Matilda and Noah drowned their mother in the water. She died and Noah performed CPR to bring her to life. He succeeded and Jill breathed again. Jill decides to spread this message in her military network so that other people also survive this outbreak.

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