Autumn Road Ending Explained – Did Charlie Save Laura?

Autumn Road Ending Explained – Did Charlie Save Laura?
Autumn Road Ending Explained – Did Charlie Save Laura?

Directed by Riley Cusick, Autumn Road is a 2021 drama, horror, and mystery movie that follows the tale of two twin brothers in a haunted house. It stars Lorelei Linklater, Riley Cusick (who plays both the twins) with Justin Meeks and Lar Park-Lincoln in the supporting cast.

Autumn Road establishes a dynamic plot with the initial opening of the movie and coupling it with the haunting atmosphere, it creates a scary scenario. The characters appear to provide an intriguing edge to the story.

Let’s discuss and talk about the Autumn Road ending explained with a breakdown of its last moments and the best moments.

Autumn Road Ending Explained

Autumn Road Plot

Vincent and Charlie are two twin brothers. With their looks that resemble each other, one would say they both possess similar characteristics, however, that’s not the case. Vincent is among the twins is an outdoing and the brash individual who often orders Charlie around.

Charlie on the other hand is more obedient and reluctant to do whatever his brother tells him. Although, there’s no bad blood between the twins, it’s just the way things work between them with Vincent usually having the leash and Charlie following him around.

Autumn Road Movie Ending Breakdown

One night, a girl by the name of Winnie entered the neighborhood. Vincent wanted to meet her but his brother ordered him to sit in the car. He didn’t want him to meet Winnie for some reason so he naturally followed his brother’s command.

Despite that, Winnie entered the car, expressed her feelings to Charlie and they both shared an intimate moment. Winnie started coughing and Charlie went to Vincent to ask for help to which he replied not to worry. Later on, Winnie disappeared and was never seen again in the neighborhood.

Overtaking Haunted House

After their father passed away, Vincent and Charlie took the business of Haunted House. However, Vincent was feeling that Haunted House lacked something and it wasn’t fulfilling. He wanted a real tragedy to occur at the house to make it more entertaining.

Charlie was obviously against this idea but what could he do? After all, he was following his brother all this time. Vincent talks about all the popular horror residences and how various tragedies are associated with them.

The Conflict

Laura, the sister of Winnie came to visit her mother where she met both Charlie and Vincent. She got close to Charlie and the latter too opened up with her. They also talked about Winnie and her disappearance.

Vincent didn’t like someone else getting close to his brother. Although the twins weren’t on the best terms, Vincent hated the idea of a third person entering their life.

Autumn Road Ending Explained – Did Charlie Save Laura?

Autumn Road Ending Explained – Did Charlie Save Laura?

To break off the relationship between Laura and Charlie, Vincent started assaulting Laura and beat her quite badly. He then put her in the coffin with the remains of Winnie. Yes, on that night, in the car, he murdered Winnie.

It’s not revealed whether he did it because she was getting close to his brother or not, but that seems the most likely cause. He succeeded last time but this time, Charlie interfered in his plans and saved Laura at the last moment.

Autumn Road Ending Explained Reddit

Following this incident, Vincent decided to get away from Charlie and his life. Later on, Charlie married Laura and they started living happily. However, Charlie always had an eerie feeling that his brother was always watching him.

It was a different kind of feeling, he couldn’t figure out whether it was a protective feeling or something ominous. In the last, Charlie sits in the same car where Winnie was murdered, and the movie closes with Charlie turning around to see something.

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