Uncovering Austin Butler’s Surprising Short List of Past Romances!

Austin Butler's List of Ex-Girlfriends Is Actually Pretty Short

You most certainly aren’t alone if you saw Elvis and had feelings for Austin Butler by the end of the movie.

The handsome, six-foot-tall actor is a catch, so it is no surprise that he has been taken for the majority of his career. At the moment, he is seeing model Kaia Gerber. The Carrie Diaries alum has also been connected to a few other Hollywood women. Let’s look at Austin’s past relationships.

For Eight Years, Austin Butler Dated Vanessa Hudgens.

Austin Butler's List of Ex-Girlfriends Is Actually Pretty Short

Initially Seen Together in 2011, Austin and Vanessa Hudgens Dated for Over Eight Years until Splitting Up In 2019. Many Admirers Were Surprised by Their Breakup.

The couple called it quits because of distance and conflicting schedules, a source informed E! news at the time. Elvis’s filming had barely begun, while Vanessa was overseas filming the Princess Switch 2.

After Austin won a Golden Globe for the Baz Luhrmann movie in 2023, their romance began to garner media attention once more. he talked about how his “buddy” persuaded him to apply for the part during his acceptance speech. fans instantly assumed Vanessa was the “friend,” according to rumors.

In Fact, during their relationship, Vanessa shared a similar anecdote about urging Austin to try out for the movie in an interview she gave on live with Kelly and Ryan.

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In 2020, Austin Butler and His “Elvis” Co-Star Olivia De Jonge Were Said to Be Dating

Austin Butler's List of Ex-Girlfriends Is Actually Pretty Short

While filming Elvis, Austin was said to be seeing his co-star Olivia De Jonge. The Daily Mail photographed the stars alone on the beach in 2020, and their body language suggested they were more than just buddies. although their relationship was never formally acknowledged, their courting would have been brief.

In August 2021, Austin Butler Was Photographed Kissing Lily-Rose Depp

Austin Butler's List of Ex-Girlfriends Is Actually Pretty Short

The Daily Mail published multiple images in august 2021 that showed Austin and Lily-Rose Depp kissing in London. Lily-Rose Depp is johnny depp’s daughter. they have never seen together again, so it’s unclear if they were ever romantically involved, but they reached second base without a doubt.

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Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler Started Dating in 2021.

Austin Butler's List of Ex-Girlfriends Is Actually Pretty Short

Kaia and Austin are presently dating! since 2021, the two have been associated with one another. it’s unclear precisely when they began dating, but in march 2022, they appeared to be really in love. at its best performances celebration that month, w mag referred to Austin as Kaia’s boyfriend and posted a picture of him kissing her on Instagram. even though it wasn’t personally published by them, it’s the closest Austin and Kaia will come to make their Instagram account public.

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