Aubrey O’Day Claims Donald Trump Jr..

Threatened to Display Explicit Photos of Her

Aubrey O’Day disclosed her ex Donald Trump Jr. supposedly threatened to flow personal photographs of her.

In case you do not understand, the prior Danity Kane singer was a contestant on Donald Trump‘s TV show The Celebrity Apprentice back 2011 and she’s promised she had an affair with the president of the kid Trump Jr.

Meanwhile, the President’s son reacted to a Bloomberg News tweet which research,”For maybe the first time in Western history, a unified attempt to taint or overturn a presidential elections could be penalized.” Trump lost the election to President Elect Joe Biden.

Trump Jr then reacted,”Seemingly Bloomberg was sleeping during the previous four decades in which the greatest rates of government discriminated against the duly elected President of the USA.”

Aubrey has been a massive supporter of President Elect Biden and known as Don Jr.‘s conversation. Watch exactly what she had to say under. And when you missed it, then you need to find out exactly what Aubrey formerly mentioned about Don Jr. At a dialog that is sour.

conspire against? wait. . Isnt that the identical thing you did when you talked with a thumb push of nude pictures and data about me which could be published as a way to quiet & Ignore me if need be? Https://

— Aubrey O’Day (@AubreyODay) November 12, 2020

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