Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Release Date, Spoilers

Attack on Titan is a famous Manga and Anime that won the hearts of many fans through its intense storyline. The story revolves around humans transforming into mindless Titans and how the characters defeat them with certain setbacks. Each chapter of the Manga drew fans closer to it, and they can’t wait to know what happens next in the Manga and the animated adaptation as well.

This series has been classified into the genre Shonen. Shonen is set for male readers in their teens, and each Manga or Anime under this genre usually portrays a male lead with loads of adventure and action.

Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Release Date, Spoilers
Attack On Titan Chapter 138

Some fans complain about Attack on Titan not belonging to the Shonen genre due to the explicit content of blood and many other disturbing scenes. They say that it isn’t suitable for teenagers and would rather fit under the Seinen category. The Seinen genre aims towards young adults and contains politics, action, and many other genres in it. 

ALERT: The following article contains spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

AOT Chapter 138 – Humanity’s new Dawn spoilers

The new chapter is set to be released soon and it’s titled “Humanity’s new Dawn.” Although Armin manages to rescue Reiner, Reiner still dies in this chapter. Historia safely gives birth to her child but passes out due to the exhaustion suffered during childbirth. Jean, Pieck, and Mikasa are given the spotlight during the fighting scene; however, this isn’t the same for Armin.

In Armin’s case, he seems to have lost faith in what he was supposed to do. His new belief is that in order to start a new world, everything should die and come to an end.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Raw
Attack on Titan Chapter 138

All forces join to form an alliance and defeat Eren who is now the Founding Titan. During the battle and the entire ruckus, there comes a point where the ground stops rumbling and everything comes to a standstill.

At this point, Jean takes advantage of the opportunity and blows off the bomb attached to Eren’s neck. Through this, the Founding Titan loses his head and as expected by every titan, the spine tries to grow back and reconnect.

Nevertheless, the team was prepared and Reiner manages to hold it off. Armin then prepares himself to finally kill the Founding Titan. Regardless of the outcome of this fight, fans still wonder whether Armin will actually be able to kill Eren and end the war or not. 

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Raw Scans

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Raw
Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Raw
Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Raw
Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Raw, via – Twitter

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Release Date

The actual release date of Attack on Titan’s newest chapter has yet to be set; however, fans hope that it’s released soon. The Manga is published by Kodansha, through their Bessatsu magazine that provides Shonen content.

Where to read Attack on Titan Chapter 138 ?

As mentioned, the mange will be released and will be available to read on the following websites mentioned below,

The raw copies of the Manga are set to be released anytime during March. Some websites state that it will be released during the first half of the month, whereas other sources outline that fans might have to wait till the end of March for the raw copies.

The Japanese version will be released first. Which means, the international readers will have to wait for the entire volume to release on the original website before the translated ones come out. You can still go to some other Manga websites to see translated versions since many readers help translate the chapters for other fans to read as well.

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