Ash Ketchum is Pokemon master means the series is going to end

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Ash Ketchum is Pokemon master

Pokemon animation was supposed to run for one or half-year but due to the huge success and fanbase, this animation series is running till now. Currently, Pokemon series having more than 1000 episodes and have movies also. Veronica Taylor is the person behind the voice of Ash Ketchum. And according to her, the original name for Ash Ketchum was KC but maker changes it to Ash Ketchum because this one was suited as an enemy name.


The voice of Pikachu is given by Ikue Otani, who is a Japanese actor.

Is the series going to end

The creators of the show also don’t want to Ash Ketchum as master of the show. Hidaka also mentioned in somewhere that if Ash Ketchum becomes master then the show will end there. That’s why the creator team adds new characters to fight and new places to visit.
There were some of the episodes banned in the US and some other countries. In a episode, where Pikachu uses electric shock to destroy missiles and also another episode where some beach scenes where some partial nudity appears and that was banned in some countries like the US and India etc.

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