ASAP Rocky’s arrest cancels his Tomorrowland’s performance

ASAP Rocky's arrest in Tomorrowland's performance

ASAP Rocky’s arrest in Tomorrowland’s performance

ASAP Rocky, the stage name of a promising rapper, Rakim Mayers is facing quite a trouble with the foreign laws. Recently, police did arrest ASAP Rocky after a significant brawl which took place recently in Sweden. The arrest of the rapper led made him cancel most of his forthcoming shows. Moreover, he also cancelled his most-awaited performance at 2019 Tomorrowland.

Recently, ASAP Rocky has come out with two distinctive videos surrounding the arrest-incident on his Instagram account. In one of the videos, two young men were seen getting into a verbal argument with the rapper. Moreover, the conversation also began incorporating some of the ASAP rocky’s friends too.

What did occur in the video snippet?

In the video, ASAP Rocky’s fan felt that the rapper was quite calm in the midst of the incident. On the other hand, the two young men are trying to confront ASAP Rocky out of nowhere. ASAP Rocky also put a caption with the video and said that he doesn’t know these drug addicts.

Rocky also said that he or his friends have any sort of association with these people. On the other hand, the couple of drug addict did follow them for almost four blocks. Rocky also said that these young men were teasing girls as they were walking.

Did ASAP Rocky had any fault?

ASAP Rocky was clever enough to record another video where the scenario went from bad to complete mayhem. In addition to this, the situation took a violent approach where one of the addicts fought with ASAP’s security. The assailant hit ASAP Rocky’s security details’ face with a pair of headphones.

Later, the addicts told ASAP Rocky to give their headphones back; however, the headphones didn’t break due to Rocky’s fault. As of now, ASAP Rocky didn’t say anything much regarding the scenario and he is keeping calm about it as well.

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