Arrest of Mexican defence ministry replacements army

Arrest of former Mexican defence minister shakes military

MEXICO CITY – The convicted of Mexico’s former defence ministry in the USA on charges he shielded a drug cartel in exchange for bribes is a setback to Mexico’s army, among the few associations which had claimed the confidence of these public.

Until Thursday’s arrest of retired Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos in Los Angeles International Airport, the army was respected by virtue of seeming to be mostly over the corruption commonly observed in different portions of Mexico’s safety devices, even though documented human rights abuses.

For Mexico’s past 3 presidents at the army was that the security force which can be deployed against the nation’s powerful drug cartels. U.S. prosecutors’ allegations which Cienfuegos was nicknamed”the Godfather” and transported on direct discussions with the chief of a barbarous cartel transferring cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin to the USA led several Mexicans to question what now?

“Today we are at a very complex situation because nobody could assist us,” said Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, an associate professor with George Mason University. “You can not claim anymore that you are likely to ship in the military since it is the least corrupt institution. It is the exact same or more tainted than others.”

Cienfuegos was detained at Los Angeles International Airport Thursday at the petition of their U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. He had been advised to make a first appearance in court through video telephone Friday afternoon and also to finally be moved to New York in which the case originated.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Friday his ambassador to the United States Martha Bárcena advised him two weeks back there was an evaluation there between Cienfuegos, who’d been Mexico’s leading army officer through the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto from 2012 into 2018.

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López Obrador stated Cienfuegos’ arrest was”regrettable.”

“That is an unmistakable case of the decomposition of this authorities, of the civil support was the government agency throughout the neoliberal interval,” López Obrador said. He explained there wasn’t any drug-related evaluation of Cienfuegos at Mexico.

He also offered a vote of confidence to present military leaders claiming the leaders of this army and navy he chosen are”incorruptible.”

However, the allegations from Cienfuegos are certain to spur doubt that anybody is.

Based on records filed by U.S. prosecutors, Cienfuegos assisted a drug trafficking organization called the”H-2 cartel,” by asserting army operations were not conducted contrary to them, behaving contrary to their opponents, introducing cartel leaders into additional corrupt officials and caution the cartel regarding U.S. investigations. In 1 instance, his warning regarding U.S. utilization of confidential informants resulted in the murder of a cartel member leaders thought”wrongly” was supporting U.S. police.

Mexico’s defence secretary isn’t simply another Cabinet post. It is equal to become king of a different fiefdom. In Mexico there’s an iron-clad arrangement that the military does not interfere with politics, and even politicians the president included — do not interfere with the military’s internal issues. The president does not just pick a defence secretary — he selects from a set of candidates who the generals submit.

López Obrador said Friday that the present leaders of this military and navy were not titles Cienfuegos had advocated.

The energy that Cienfuegos awakened led army writer Juan Ibarrola, that frequently expresses the military perspective, to express skepticism in a meeting with W Radio Friday.

“An secretary general can not be criminal, can not take part in the selling or supply of medications, or anything else like this, it is not mandatory, they do not want it,” Ibarrola explained. Until proven otherwise, he explained Cienfuegos had an undercover army career.

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Mexico’s dependence on its own army has just increased under López Obrador. He’s entrusted it using not just directing the government’s continuing struggle with drug cartels, but in addition with quitting uncontrolled gas pipeline thieving, building important infrastructure projects and also becoming the backbone of their new, apparently civilian, National Guard.

“it is a time once the president has placed together an immense quantity of confidence and responsibility at the hands of those armed forces beneath the debate that they’re more reliable and it is the cleaner association and what this case demonstrates is corruption could visit any amount,” explained Maureen Meyer, vice-president such as applications and manager to Mexico and migrant rights in the Washington Office on Latin America.

Even though López Obrador talks every day, such as Friday, roughly corruption being in the origin of all Mexico’s issues, the largest catches of the sentence have come throughout the boundary in the USA.


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Cienfuegos, 72, is that the next former Mexican cupboard official detained in the U.S. on drug prices in the last calendar year.

Genaro García Luna was detained annually at Texas on drug trafficking charges. U.S. prosecutors allege he’d thousands of dollars in bribes to shield Joaquin”El Chapo” Guzman’s Sinaloa cartel. He’d served as Mexico’s Secretary of Public Security out of 2006 into 2012 beneath then-President Felipe Calderon. He pleaded not guilty earlier this month to drug trafficking charges in a federal court in New Yorkin June.

The García Luna situation and Cienfuegos would signify 12 consecutive years of corruption in the greatest levels of Mexico’s security efforts, Meyer explained.

Cienfuegos isn’t the very first general detained for involvement with drug traffickers. Gen. Jesús Gutiérrez Rebollo was created Mexico’s drug czar from President Ernesto Zedillo at 1996. He had been arrested the next year once it was found he had been living at a luxurious flat possessed by the chief of the Juarez cartel, Amado Carrillo Fuentes.

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Beneath Cienfuegos, Mexico continued its pursuit of this war about the drug cartels found under Calderon. Guzman was seized twice as Cienfuegos was in control — in 2014 and 2016 — although the military wasn’t directly involved either. There was discussion in the time the DEA had greater confidence in Mexico’s marines for behaving on the sensitive wisdom.

A Colombian drug trafficker surfaced early last year in Guzman’s U.S. trial the kingpin had accounted for paying for a $100 million pay into Peña Nieto to call off the search for him. Peña Nieto’s spokesman denied the accusation.

Mexico’s Defence Department had no immediate response to Cienfuegos’ arrest.

Samuel González, that based Mexico’s particular prosecutor’s office for organized crime at the 1990therefore, stated that the prosecutions of both Guzman,” García Luna and today Cienfuegos exemplify that”it is a trial contrary to each of the cartels as well as the ties between public servants and also the cartels.”

“It is a really strong paradigm shift,” he explained. “From the United States they’re getting into the whole safety area and it is the very first time they are doing this. Are they likely to enter the governmental defense and arrive in an ex-president? It seems like that the prosecutors in New York wish to enter the political arena”


AP authors Stefanie Dazio at Los Angeles along with Mark Stevenson in Mexico City contributed to this document.

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