ARN’s Duncan Campbell talks being Australia’s #1 FM channel and the continuing effect of both COVID-19

ARN’s Duncan Campbell talks being Australia’s #1 FM station and the ongoing impact of COVID-19

Nobody actually knew what to anticipate from GfK poll six. Back in Melbourne it was evident that the results were going to be interrupted — a complete lockdown intended no ordinary working day and newspaper diaries were replaced entirely by ediaries — except for the other nations the cliched’new standard’ has largely started. How would that affect the characters?

“To be frank, I was amazed. I believed that, there could have been a larger effect, um, in the pandemic out of Melbourne. I mean, actually, um, wireless listening nationwide is, uh, has stayed flat concerning overall listening and we may have observed a change concerning residence listening, in automobile listening and in work listening. The best effect was Melbourne obviously, however in Melbourne complete listening was up 5 percent, therefore it is an encouraging poll for the medium and that I was only surprised there was not more of an effect outside Melbourne where we watched several substantial cume changes, especially in breakfast,” ARN’s nationwide material manager, Duncan Campbell informs me once I talk to him following the poll results are published.

Duncan Campbell

There has been a huge shift in Melbourne. The requirement for information articles throughout a worldwide pandemic and neighborhood lockdowns led to crowds switching to Radio’s 3AW and ABC Melbourne, watching virtually every FM station having a fall.


As an ARN’s Melbourne breakfast celebrity Christian O’Connell, along with his channel Gold FM, the shed did not affect his third poll as the number one FM breakfast, or even the channel’s sixth poll as FM leader.

“[Those results] state that Gold is currently likely embedded since the number one FM channel there, regardless of the falls in cumethat the position has been quite powerful. In the event you record off a few of the rankings — number one FM, quantity one breakfast FM, number-one weekends FM, amount on driveway FM and number one at cume total, you’d say that is a excellent outcome. Clearly underlying that has been the cume fall, but in the conclusion of the day that the rank remains the rank. Therefore for us to become number one in Melbourne, awarded what was happening, is a really excellent accomplishment and a testament to Christian O’Connell along with the potency of the breakfast series as well as the channel in general.”

Oddly there was not a large change for ARN at Sydney in which Kyle & Jackie O kept their FM breakfast for the fourteenth poll in a row. The series boasted more listeners than another FM breakfast show from the nation. It was followed closely by WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda who took the second place in the FM breakfast position, together with WSFM termed the 2nd most-popular FM channel.

“The plan for ARN has been a consistently on strategy. So when we were at this non-survey stage, which had been a very long time, we had a consistently on strategy to the material which the breakfast shows across the country were generating and the channels overall stayed in my opinion, very powerful. Kyle and Jackie O had any very powerful articles on the atmosphere right during this season and to poll six. That show didn’t skip a beat, even despite Jackie being at Melbourne for a portion of it for Your Masked Singer, however show generates some outstanding articles which has been a part of this constantly on plan we had, that I believe has paid benefits for us round the nation now,” explained Campbell.

There continue to be two surveys to come for 2020 along with lockdowns impending, Campbell and the sector are expecting the return to some normal manifestation of listening is to the horizon. ) ARN CEO Ciaran Davis has stated the organization is seeing green limbs at the last quarter of this calendar year, and if the Melbourne lockdown end down because its now called to, another survey may seem slightly different.

“I believe we will notice some permanent residual impacts of the pandemic, even in regard to flexible working structures, that is possibly the most evident one. Should you choose Sydney, the streets are getting busier, even during college vacations at the moment they are fairly active, so I believe we will see a slow return to normal and a gradual return to in automobile listening. However, the aim is to keep that amount one system place until the conclusion of the year and past.”

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